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Monday, 4 July 2016

Anti democratic anti Britain QCs falling out of wood work for loadsa money.

Yep it's Sky News again, hosting a very lefty looking anti Brexit QC to tell us of his further stream of cases against the British for being democratic and this on top of the Mishcon de Reya  case I have covered already here . 

Either way, win or lose for them, we could lose our freedom and democracy, the lawyers always make a bundle of money from such actions.

For starters if they are successful, it will not affect them as it will us, the struggling majority, who are affected much more from being in the EU than very wealthy people are.  Make no mistake, these actions against us will cost all of us but not them.

I wonder if, as it's about our freedom and democracy, we should bring in lengthy jail sentences for such speculators if they don't prove their case? Would they be so keen to take us all on? There's no downside for these people?

They are fomenting anarchy and revolution See we hung Lord Haw Haw for less

The QC given too much time to spout his anti British case by, yes Kay Burley of course, was Jolyon Maugham QC.

Some background on Maugham here.

A Labour Party Advisor, who according to this report had been presented as independent and, although talking about politics and constitution, his speciality is finance.

Ok part of his 'cast a big net something will come in' strategy to try us for, was the one already dealt with in the other post, that 'no PM had the mandate to invoke article 50 because things may have changed by then'. Sorry but he's wrong.

The referendum, until we have another to cancel it, is a permanent mandate and obligation on Parliament and yes, whilst he talks of Parliament's Sovereign power, that is only by consent of the Sovereign. If the Queen would be so ready to abandon her people for 600 rowdy squawkers, then we may as well ditch the Monarchy altogether.

He talks of Scotland, Gibraltar and Northern Ireland. But they, like Mr Maugham accepted the Referendum as UK citizens and voted in it. Why didn't Mr Maugham and the three provinces raise all this before they lost the vote? Why didn't they stop the Referendum in its tracks? Why did they take part at all?

I think there is no problem for loyal Ulster dwellers to stick with the UK. 

So far as Scotland are concerned, the majority of Scots didn't vote to remain as there was a low turnout. As for Gibraltar, what's their issue? Britain or the EU? Spain will take them like a shot. They cannot have it both ways. UK or Spain; their choice.

But here's where Maugham's case fails. Democracy is fine for his boss Jeremy Corbyn to cling to power, fine for the Remain side in Ulster and Scotland and Gibraltar but it doesn't count for the whole of the UK because it doesn't suit his case? Are you sure you have thought this through Mr Maugham?

As it happens, EU, with Greece on its hands, needs a subsidised Scotland additional basket case economy on its hands like a dose of TB. So we are stuck with the Scots; they are too canny to leave the UK SNP or no SNP. Oh whatever happened to the Mid Lothian Question by the way?

Then Maugham throws in for good measure the big lies of the Brexit group that 'misled so many people'.

No-one I know has fathomed what was so outrageous about Nigel Farage's Poster. A long line of people, and yes, that had been seen on eastern EU borders, nothing offensive in text, and certainly no Nazi Storm troopers pointing machine guns at them. So wasn't the outrage a bit effected and manufactured?

£350 million a week cost of the EU?  Hang on. Don't we reduce footballer's annual salaries to weekly rates when discussing it? What about our yearly utilities bills? Don't we talk about that in terms of weekly or quarterly? Of course it isn't £350 million a week but an average of the gross; that's easy to understand. In actual fact, when we get rid of all EU costs, there will be a lot more than £350 Million a week available for all kinds of projects.

But lies are totally subjective. A lie from one person's perspective is the truth from another's; that's where this old red herring must fail. Are we seriously going to measure lies to change such a crucial decision?

What about Osbourne's idle threat for an emergency budget on a Brexit win?

What about all the financial statements based on 'could' and 'may'? It 'could' cost us £4900 per year per household? All these 'coulds' and 'maybes' were then played as fact to scare would be Leave voters.

But the biggest lie, by David Cameron, was that a vote to leave would mean leave instantly, when in fact, as events have now proved, it was another blatant scare lie.

As I kept pointing out, from 25th May, it was only a mandate to empower our Parliament and its politicians with a very powerful tool for the UK I asked what right minded pro British politician or voter could possibly not want a more empowered UK? Please see it here And this was kept from the people by the pro remain anti British Media and the Remain Group. How many more people would've voted to leave had they known there was nothing to lose?

So let's get this option nailed straight away. The biggest lies and the biggest vote changers came from the Remain side. How will we ever know how many would've changed on either side? So that is a totally futile proposal to put to any court. Please have more respect for us Tax Payers will you?

Again we are being lied to. The Government is still running an anti Brexit Petition which theoretically should reach at least 15 million people - possibly much more because people who were ineligible in the Referendum are now voting in this poll- but what does this prove? If 15 million voted 'no' in the real thing, why would we expect less in this one?  Someone in a high place is running it against the people. See I have tried to have it closed.  And here is evidence how this bogus irrelevant petition is being misused. Who in Parliament wants a petition against a Parliamentary Referendum? Why isn't the Media asking?

So lets keep our eyes open for the rich lawyers subverting the will of the people to be even richer. And what Judges are selected to rule on it.

And can we ask the Candidates for Prime Minister to pledge total unequivocal support for the Referendum, our withdrawal from the EU, and that this futile, dangerous Parliamentary Petition is closed immediately. 

None of us honest Little People can afford any of these stupid actions. 

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