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Saturday, 2 July 2016

So we have been running Britain by calling each other nasty names.

I've lifted this from my Post exposing Theresa May's unsuitability to run this Nation:

'Theresa herself saddled them with the term 'The Conservative Party is the nasty party' The very rhetoric of the unrepresentative left wing haters of normal people. That's how the Metropolitan Elite operate. Call the normal 'extreme' or a list of other common insults, and before we know it, we're all falling over ourselves not to be normal. When individuals fall for it is bad enough but to run a country to please silly name callers and banner headline writers is a dereliction of responsibility.'  See the full post here.

Anyone who sticks their heads above the parapet, on social media, in politics or publicly is very familiar with ridicule, bile, personal attack, abuse and deliberate misrepresentation. It amuses me how some public figures take this so seriously: Even report it to police sometimes.

My answer is to ignore it in the confidence that what I am doing or saying is pleasing many more than those being offended. I don't even bother to read my incoming replies mainly because I just do not have enough time and no staff to be able to do so. Of course this means I miss all the compliments and supporting posts too which is a dreadful shame.

Any politician who is frightened by silly name calling and untrue soundbite response, really has no business to be in Parliament. Most, like me are totally impervious to it and too thick skinned to let that bother them...............until it's about their party. Then it all changes.

Whole policies can be changed for fear of how they will play and actually are changed after silly name calling. In effect we have been governed not on what's best for most of us and the Nation but on what silly remark or untrue claim can be thrust at The Party in Government. The person who can make the best retort, whether appropriate or irrelevant get's the cheer. One only needs to watch PMQs to see it quite often.

Politics and Government should be about a popularity contest where they are popular with the majority. Anything else isn't democracy.  Politicians cannot grasp that single issue minority lobby groups make much more noise than the ordinary working population, the silent majority, who are very angry when this fear of being called something 'nasty' can actually disrupt a party and change their life as if they were of no consequence. It is this anger and frustration that was reflected in the Brexit result. The people hated what had been going on for too long and rejected the whole package.

This woolly appeasement has not only ruined Government but has divided the Anglican Church for the very same reasons. Just see the comparison with the steadfast Roman Catholic Church. They don't budge on central policy, everyone knows where they stand and they thrive.

It has been a gross dereliction of every politician who has preferred slick soundbite and insult before truth to run our Country. And so it is divided. We have created a selfish nation who have no idea of democracy and take to the streets when it isn't to their liking.

We now have twenty four hour media who really believe that, because they can fill a studio or radio phone in with democrats and minority activists in equal measure, they are being balanced when they are not representative of the Nation at all. They even think that they are popular when in fact they are angering far more people than they are pleasing most of the time. See Haw Haw Media

Can we seriously run a country like the UK on the basis of silly name calling and unrepresentative media? Of course not.

Our new Prime Minister and the ministers are going to have to address that soon. Theresa May is certainly not to be trusted with that task. 

Theresa is the Queen of nasty name politics. She invented 'Conservatives are the Nasty Party' 

If they want to unite the nation they should understand that the vast majority of the UK hated the EU and wanted us to leave but 48% had been scared against voting to leave  by scare tactics and the deliberate lie that a vote to leave on the 23rd was more than merely a permanent mandate to our Parliament to take us out at any time in the future. That was the biggest lie and it was from The Remain side. I raised this on the 25 May here.

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