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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Froome crash: It's never the cyclists fault.

Here is a video, if you haven't already seen it, of a Tour de France cycle crash with a motor cyclist which also claimed Yellow Jersey Chris Froome

Road Race Cycling is unique in that there is no entrance fee for spectators, unlike other major sports and entertainment events because they are held on long stretches of public road where it isn't possible to control the public.

What these cyclists forget is, that they are riding vehicles on public roads and that it is their duty to avoid accidents and for their self protection too.

The principle must be that others must come first and only ride at a speed and distance at which you are able to stop safely. The motorcyclist clearly did exactly that.

These cyclists, including Froome, failed to apply those rules despite very close and confined conditions which included many members of the public.     

This crash happened because cyclists were cycling too fast and dangerously among public on public roads. It really is that simple. 

Not according to the cyclists it isn't. It's the fault of everyone else.

Isn't that exactly how they are on the roads normally in their Lycra and Head Camz? Ride too fast and too close to avoid collisions without injury, then blame everyone else when it all goes wrong?

The answer to all this is easy. Keep infrastructure open for infrastructure instead of being closed for sport at great cost and keep cycle racing within stadia where the spectators can be controlled.

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