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Sunday, 3 July 2016

They're telling you porkies again: Parliament has already voted to invoke article 50

The incredible legal challenge to prevent the Government from taking us out of EU.

Will Sky bother to explain that, when Parliament passed the Referendum Act 2015, they didn't make it conditional on the result. They voted to accept & abide by it. They have voted to support Article 50 being invoked.

Where in the Act is the proviso that Parliament decides whether we invoke Article 50 as they are claiming? 

Parliament, The Lords and House of Commons should have stopped us from having a referendum to leave the EU, (on demand of the people),  then and there but by supporting it they they accepted the outcome.

Any doubts that are now within the British people have been sewn by the persistent post Brexit fear campaign that I predicted prior to the Referendum.  See it here So here are the enemies of Britain in all their glory. For their own purposes they want to frighten their cap doffing serfs back into their plantation.

For how long is this divisive insurrection by undemocratic media and individuals  to be tolerated by our leaders, The Queen & current Prime Minister David Cameron? Where are you Cameron?

If the multi millionaire of the Dodgy Dossier, Iraq Dead, Tony Blair is behind this, it's not for your benefit. He couldn't be trying to be the People's hero again just before Chilcot by any chance?

Look, why didn't these top lawyers and politicians think of this before they lost the Referendum? Why did they scare us that 'a leave vote was irrevocable'?  At that time they were telling us all that a vote to leave meant leave immediately weren't they? See I warned you all this on 25th May.  It's time for doubters to believe the evidence of how you are now being used against our own country by a desperate band who want you back in your cage. 

Prime Minister? Is he hiding or still fighting the referendum behind closed doors?   see. Time for Queen to step in Time for Queen to step in.  And how we hanged Lord Haw Haw for treason

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