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Friday, 15 July 2016

Why do we trust RoSPA on road safety?

Who is RoSPA and are they objective and impartial when it comes to road safety? 

Well just like other numerous alleged road safety charities like:  BRAKE, PACTS, 20's Plenty, Sustrans etc. We can easily identify their true aims simply by asking if they see roads, like rail, as essential infrastructure or places where people can be allowed to unnecessarily place themselves in danger. 

We define road cycling here. See the definition & fatal results of road cycling here 

How can any group that is genuinely interested in road safety, support such a contradiction in terms? Well surely only if they are really anti driver ideologists who are very happy for infrastructure to be impeded, slowed and hampered by unnecessary human hazards. 

And then, having promoted all this, demand that drivers are always liable and expect them to serve long terms of imprisonment when it goes wrong. What else is that but anti driver? 

Any genuine road safety charity will start by asking 'Who must society have on our roads?' 

The answer is obvious. We only need walkers and drivers. That is an undeniable fact. Anyone who denies that isn't really interested in road safety at all and is also primarily anti driver.  



  1. Keith haver you ever woken up at night thinking that you are just full of crap. #onlyasking

    1. Well hopefully RoSPA are not looking to the Cycle Lobby for a devastating response. This is why they, the police or any other genuine road safety outfit, can safely ignore them altogether. :-))