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Friday, 1 July 2016

Theresa May for UK's 35000000 drivers? She's your problem mate.

Why allowing Theresa May,
who didn't support Brexit, to take over, will be bad for UK's 35 million drivers and have us back in the EU within ten years.

For the Conservatives to elevate the Remain Theresa May to lead us through Brexit would be an insult and betrayal of the Referendum, democracy and a Common Purpose, Metropolitan Elite snub to the UK and its people.

The Conservatives must understand that the Referendum wasn't just about Brexit; it was a rebellion of the public, in great numbers, in their first opportunity, against everything wrong in their lives and to which they have never had any say.

Theresa May represents the very rotten edifice of all that not only took us into the EU but kept us there too.

Clearly thinking that Brexit would be a loser, and David Cameron a winner and to remain as her boss, she supplanted her moral instincts for those of her instinctive political survival with a view to succeed him, and so hung her flag to his greasy Remain pole. She backed the wrong horse. Remain lost and Cameron stood down.

What a cheek. Realising it's now or never, and there's nothing to lose, she has put herself forward to lead the Conservative party on a road and journey for which she has no real interest.

So who is the Theresa May who now wants to lead the Government and its people from one of the most elitist bastions of Common Purpose? 

Given that this embryo rebellion of dissent was mostly about all the wrongs here at home as well as in the EU she has been our Home Secretary allowing most of it.

Let's understand this, if we do not tackle corrupt liberal elitism and Common Purpose at home, we may as well stay in EU since we will be back there pretty soon.

If the Conservative Party elect May as their leader, not only will they snub 17 million voters and UKs 35 million drivers, they will be putting Party before people. Are they that so short sighted?

Theresa herself saddled them with the term 'The Conservative Party is the nasty party' The very rhetoric of the unrepresentative left wing haters of normal people. That's how the Metropolitan Elite operate. Call the normal 'extreme' or a list of other common insults, and before we know it, we're all falling over ourselves not to be normal. When individuals fall for it is bad enough but to run a country to please silly name callers and banner headline writers is a dereliction of responsibility.

I am not about to attack any single issue group; especially Gays. But what I do attack is single issue groups being forced on us by and within public institutions. It fosters dissent and protest from the majority who are then told to shut up and worse, even be prosecuted for protesting. That is Common Purpose and liberal elitism in action. Theresa May represents that.

Just complaining about our police being made to look silly and unrepresentative now draws bile and abuse. And yet this is what our police have become under May   I am likely to be abused or even arrested for raising it under May. There will be no outrage when I am assaulted  and threatened for it because this country has not stood for 'Stale, pale, male' and his wife and family for many years.

Image result for lgbt flag police

That's what Brexit was all about. A revolt against the whole rotten Common Purpose edifice that got us there and kept us there, and Theresa May was part of that.  

Seriously; is this  how the majority wish to see their police?

 Of course the new age Piccie, tweety, selfie silly social media nonentities may justify it as 'it's nice' but we don't pay police to be nice, to abuse our uniform and property on a selective single issue basis. Whatever they do off duty and out of our uniform is fine by me. 

I also resent having to pay for these special interest groups within the police too. They are divisive; we just want one type of copper; happy, well paid and doing the job with advancement based on meritocracy and nothing else. It seems this isn't May's ideal at all. 

When I served, we couldn't use police property or write anything public as police without consent for very good reasons. Nothing reveals the mindset, often anti driver, than police, especially senior ones. tweeting without checks. So there's another May failure as Home Secretary. Too much PR policing and tweeting instead of actual policing. 

Theresa can call me 'nasty'  for saying what 99% of the nation, and I imagine of the police service feel, but if I didn't have a strong sense of what's right and what the majority want to read, then I wouldn't be writing this.  

Attack UK's drivers and you attack the community:

More important, than the EU, believe it or not, for the ordinary family is their transport, their motor car, and their driving. Look how under Theresa's watch, the oppression and corruption of policing UK's drivers has flourished.

Just look at our two sites Drivers Union and This blog site. Both are full to the brim with the dishonesty, profiteering and ideology against road safety and driving. None of it is opinion and much actually points fingers at powerful individuals and associations. Just pick any Topic Label on this blog to see how corrupt it all is.

How do we get away with it if it's untrue? Surely if we are wrong, we should be told why. Yet we are not even challenged by any authority on it.

Even the exploitation of bereaved families are used to sustain speeding profiteering under May. See the case here

This open letter to the Head of Roads Policing  which contains much of the whole sordid story is still unanswered, under Theresa May, even though it's asking for good road safety ideals and less profiteering from driver oppression. 

Here, from our sites,  are some samples of Common Purpose anti driver ideology that May has ignored or allowed against noble people. 

If it wasn't careless before fixed penalty fixed penalty cannot make it so'

Illegal and fraudulent speed courses

Police use bereaved to falsely promote speeding revenue

Using cyclists to curtail driving

Britain under Theresa May. 

Theresa's message?  Moonies to the normal people

Police playing games with our lives.

Why are drivers arrested when in shock and trauma

So Theresa May proves to be just like her Boss David Cameron whose policies pandered to the anti driver minorities of the liberal elite and Common Purpose and also demanded longer jail terms for accidents too.

Michael Gove has said he isn't just going to fiddle around with minor adjustments to make things appear to comply with Brexit. He is going to change all the enemies within that got us there and kept us there. That is what we must do. We must clear out the old musty ideology of the left, not be afraid to say the unspoken word and clean Britain up from bottom to top. 

We must start by making media and the police more patriotic and representative of the Nation. No more 'Jairmany Calling, Jairmany Calling.' Haw Haw Broadcasting Co media and policing against the community. Under Theresa May that's how it's been.

It says it all that The Guardian and BBC want her to lead us. 

Are the Conservatives really thinking of keeping us in a May La La Land ? 

They have a choice. Share the nation's votes with five other parties under a tired old loser, or kick off with 17 million votes by fully supporting Brexit and giving the UK back to the little people who actually keep it running.

If Conservatives select Theresa May Ukip will be fighting them at every election. Is that what they want? Will they grasp this nettle?

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