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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Brexit . Will Conservatives grasp the nettle?

Bless UKIP, Nigel Farage and all their MEPs past and present who have courageously withstood abuse and ridicule, not only at the EU, but here too from the Conservatives, Labour, Lib/Dems and SNP  

Without them, we would never have had the Brexit Referendum. They have stood at all types of local and parliamentary elections to promote their cause and to show the discontent in Britain for the bureaucracy of the EU. 

They have almost achieved their objective and when it is secured, they need no longer continue as a political party. Why should they wish to? All they need to do now is to ensure that the will of the people is upheld and to Britain's best advantage.

If they continue to campaign in elections, they stand a chance of ruining the very object that they suffered for for all those long years. The fact remains that they only have one MP and even he is at odds with the UKIP Leadership.

Already we are hearing from Jeremy Hunt, and Tim Farron their aims to reverse the vote and take us back into the EU. There is no doubt that Labour, Lib/Dems and SNP would do so too.

Our only real hope is that the Conservative Party will grab the reigns, outmaneuver the others, pledge support for unity, democracy and to make project Brexit work. Already David Cameron supports that position. This could be a massive coup for the Conservatives if only they can seize the moment.

This may sound tough on UKIP, but why should it be if all they wanted was freedom from the EU shackles? This is far too important for personal aggrandisement. The nation must come first. It would be dangerous to oppose the Conservatives at Parliamentary Elections, if they have committed to Brexit, if the only result gets anti Brexit Parties back into power.  

The Conservatives should only elect a pro Brexit leadership and install pro Brexit civil servants to take us out of the EU on the most favourable terms and time frame for the UK. Anything else would be an insult to the Referendum. Nothing would ensure a continued UKIP opposition more, at elections, than a lack of commitment to Brexit. on the part of the Conservative Party. Of course the Cabinet can include such as Theresa May, but the lead team must be Brexit. 

Nigel Farage should be immediately elevated to the Lords with other Brexit supporters to keep an eye on things.

All of the UKIP MEPs, past and present, should be honoured for their services to the nation on the recommendation of no less than seventeen million citizens.

The Conservatives should also prefer any willing ex UKIP MEPs for selection at constituency level to demonstrate to the nation their sincerity in protecting Brexit and independence.      

For stability, and to give Brexit time to succeed, Parliament should agree that General Elections will not be used to create division or to overturn the mandate and declared wish of the people for the foreseeable future.  

Nothing could be more inviting to the public than a Conservative and UKIP alliance to ensure the success of Britain, post Brexit. After all, the Conservatives gave the people the referendum and now it's their responsibility to make it succeed. 

This is the time for big minded people who are more concerned about democracy than their own importance.

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