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Friday, 24 June 2016

Don't let angry, bitter, nasty losers cause chaos.

Don't get talked into rushing into article 50 until we the British are ready for it. Why should the Remains object? They don't want us to come out at all. 

I refer you to my appeal of the 22nd that whatever the result we must happily unite and work together as a nation. See it here

If everyone, of all parties and all persuasions did that  everything would be very straightforward and easy.

However, my main concern was that the remain people would not behave like that. They'd be angry, disruptive, bitter and negative. That Parliament would be in Chaos, confusion and Limbo. And so it has turned out. The Conservatives are leaderless, Labour are in rebellion, Sturgeon is demanding a new referendum and that's just the start.

Now, as I pointed out on the 25th May and now confirmed, a vote to leave isn't leave but just a mandate to empower our MPs and nation to take us out without actually leaving. Do see it here.

But this was cynically kept from voters by the Remain Groups and the media alike. In fact David Cameron in one of his biggest lies and last ditch idle threats, told the nation a vote to leave is leave and he would immediately invoke article 50 to start the process. As I predicted then, he has done the opposite and resigned.

How many scared Remain voters would've voted to leave instead had they known that all they would be doing is handing power to our MPs? Don't forget most of the Leave votes were based on lies and fear tactics. I challenge the media to ask Leave Voters how many would've been so worried if they knew leaving would still be within our hands and not irrevocable? I challenge them, to ease the fears of the young, by pointing out that it was very nice outside the EU, and to ask their cousins in the USA, Australia, Newzealand & Canada what it's like not to be governed by un-elected EU foreigners? Would they want it?

What we must now do is to take the names of all the angry, bitter, bad loser politicians and media people and ask why they are now trying to disrupt Britain by not uniting wholeheartedly behind Britons and making it work? Without them Parliament wouldn't be in disarray and disruption at all. 

So what is it about this Angry Brigade? Well we have been governed for fifty years by exactly these people. They hate democracy, they hate Britain, they hate our history, and for the first time the ordinary Briton was, 'foolishly', allowed out of his cage to vote against them. For USA's Trump, see UK's Farage. That's how they see them both and they are absolutely mortified by the irreversible revolution that's now well on its way. 

We must now challenge all groups to be at peace and work with the nation or be exposed for what they are. We must insist that the Liberal Elite Common Purpose Police reviews its policies and attitudes to suit most of the community instead of the single issue minorities and Nimbys. See the Rainbow Police Let's see them flying the national flags. There are 35 million drivers keeping all 65 million of us alive. Let's see police working with drivers instead of against them. Get the leading police chiefs to address this or stand down.

So yes this voter message was much more than just a vote against the EU, it was against the whole nasty anti people people policies of Common Purpose and elitism. 

So expect chaos but start off by demanding that our police defend this vote against all disruptive bad tempered losers or answer to the people for allowing disruption. They should also consider action against incitement to hatred and violence too. 

In the meantime, don't get talked into rushing into article 50 until we the British are ready for it. Why should the Remains object? They don't want us to come out they tell us. 

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