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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Time for The Queen to Step In?

We have a head of State and Head of Parliament, our queen. 

See her powers here.

We love her and her family and rightly keep them in a status that we would all expect for a Head of State.

Since Oliver Cromwell, who had a very big well organised army and deposed the Monarchy with it thus making Parliament our central decision making power base - although even he had to sort them out by using his army to disband it and rule as regent for a while, ( setting a precedent I would suggest) - we have followed the tradition that we are governed by Parliament.

Her Majesty has been very sensitive about Parliamentary Precedence and has only ever advised her ministers. But is that good enough?

Surely if we are to keep a Monarchy, and they are to enjoy all the trappings of it, then there should be limits to what politicians are able to do. Monarchy should protect us and our country.

What should be the trigger to the Monarch stepping in? Well it's pretty simple really: Any proposition which, in Cromwell's day, amounted to a civil war issue or such divisive obstructive conduct by members, that Government is unable to peacefully fulfill the stated will of the people.

Can you recall the utter despair and distaste that most of us true Brits felt about the rude treatment that our Queen had to endure with dignity from the awful republican Cherie Blair? Yawning in her presence, refusing to curtsy and so on?   

Ok, no big deal for The Queen but for a republican, to set up a divide and rule devolution of the United Kingdom into four separate parts, is another matter. It being the kind of notion that any true Brit, like Cromwell, would have fought against and also the Queen's ancestors too. 

Divide and Rule is a well known tactic. 

How could splitting the nation into four be good for the nation, especially by a bloke who many of us saw as an evil force? Many would say that subsequent activity has tended to support initial impressions. 

Let's put it this way, if this had been put to the Nation by referendum, we would still be one nation.

What we do know for sure that has happened as a direct result of all this, is a divided weaker Britain and a loss of democracy at all four levels. Just look at the conduct of Nicola Sturgeon now. Wanting it both ways, accepting a UK referendum to leave the EU for Scotland and then not accepting the results. Why not just reject the referendum for Scotland in the first place? The same is happening with the republicans of Northern Ireland too. We have been taken over by an unruly rabble who's idea of democracy is to cause trouble till they get what they want.

What were The Queen's options with Blair? Well pretty simple really. It could've gone like this.

 'Now then tiny, puny ,Tony sit down and listen. What you're proposing will split our nation and I deem that too much. How big's your Army?' 

'Well mam, I have about six hundred squawking and chattering MPs like me, some soft civil servants  and a few thousand, loud, pasty faced rabble, like those who cause mayhem at fracking sites, fox hunts, animal research labs, defence sites, and basically, anywhere else that your people need or enjoy because they are fundamentally anti people people'  

'Well Mr Blair, I have the Army, the Airforce, The Navy, The Police, The Fire Brigade and virtually all the tough blokes who keep this country running. Now I will make you fight on this one Mr Blair if you wish to persist with this notion. Now tell me it's not such a good idea after all or you'll bed down in The Tower tonight'

God how the majority of her subjects would have enjoyed it! ........ But she didn't do it.

Last week, on the 23rd June, the nation was given a referendum on, no matter how the UK haters wanted to paint it, being ruled by our own Parliament. Her Parliament. For the first time in forty years, ordinary men and women were let out of their cages to express their wishes for their future. 

Despite the whole thing being loaded in favour of Remain, where people from Gibraltar and people who had abandoned the UK to live in Europe were allowed a vote, deadlines being changed so that the dilatory, who'd had months to register themselves, were given another forty eight hours, the young being scared witless with propaganda, £9000000 of public money spent on a government pamphlet and so on and despite all that, the people mam, your people mam voted to leave.   

So what should have been a very smooth transition, supported in unity in your Parliament, with the sole aim to make it work, and by using all the best options to do so, has been everything but that.

Instead, your Parliament has imploded. It's gone to hell in a hand basket. It's now in Limbo. And why? Because the kind of people who have been ruling us, like Tony Blair, do not accept democracy. They are now causing chaos within Parliament and outside. They are aided by like minded media. Media who should now be ignoring the nasty, bitter bad losers and helping us to move forward in unison and peace. In fact, unlike our wartime media, they are actually still favouring anti British anti democratic pro EU propaganda, fostering division and unrest among your people.

If ever we needed you we need you now. 
Close Parliament and set up a team of ministers to take us forward to our best advantage, and stop all the deliberately fomented incitement to unrest that's now happening so as to unite the nation.  
So it should remain until, all members of both Houses, have attended instructions on the primacy of democracy and pledged their allegiance to you and it. 

We are not yet a Republic so we should not tolerate any lack of respect to you,our systems and our people.

In the meantime we will need time to prepare before invoking article 50. Before that, we must have a pro Brexit Government with Pro Brexit ministers and Civil Servants. At the moment we are even too weak, divided, vulnerable and unprepared to carrying out the wishes of your people to their best advantage as they would all expect.

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