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Friday, 24 June 2016

Beware False Profits Bearing Gifts

There are two very serious issues that the UK public should be warned about and alerted to.

Make no mistake, article 50, the instrument that initiates the exit from the EU, is totally to the advantage of the EU where they dictate the term of exit and from the word go we cease to be a participating member of the EU. After two years we are slung out on their terms not ours.

It can only be invoked by a State serving notice that it wishes to leave. Unless EU break their own rules, they cannot start it. Yet some EU officials are already considering forcing it on us.

The British people did not vote to leave the EU on EU's terms but on British terms. What pro Britain, whether Remain or Brexit, would not want to go out on British terms?

So it would be totally against all our interests to start Article 50 until we are good and ready. With a proper Government in place committed to the stated will of the nation, with like minded ministers and civil servants too. We also need to create the business foundations, support and business base to operate outside the EU. It doesn't matter if it takes two, three, or five years to get that ready, in the context of the forty years of being in the EU, Britain deserves that much time. Only when ready should we invoke article 50.

Already, the EU are demanding our immediate resignation. and so indeed are some UK politicians and unions too. Either they are stupid, or so anti Britain, that to promote such an idea is tantamount to treason. One such is the Hull Labour MP Karl Turner. More on this anti driver thus anti community MP Here.  
Image result for anna eagle
Karl Turner MP. 

Don't let it happen Britain. For a start the longer we take, the better exit deal we will get from the EU.

But where are all the media political experts in this? Sky's Adam Boulton, & Faisal Islam for example. Those of the BBC and ITV too? Don't tell me they don't know all this. 

Image result for Tony Blair Evil Eyes ImageWell I have already exposed their complicit partisan stance throughout this campaign where they allowed you all to imagine that a vote to leave meant we leave and didn't once challenge David Cameron when he falsely threatened you with that too. Where they allowed him to change the actual registration deadline just to get more irresponsible dilatory supporters to help them out. Where Sky used ageism against our interests, Here just to remind you. And now, they still haven't got it. Lining up all the angry bitter Remains to revisit their arguments on us, like Anna Eagle, The so trustworthy John Major, who having betrayed his wife, we are supposed imagine would find it harder to betray the rest of us, and the republican, split the UK with devolution, Tony Blair of the dodgy dossier,   complete with his 'People's Princess' Oscar Pistorius sobbing glottal stop delivery too.  

Well wake up ITV and Sky.
 Get positive. Support what's best for Britain, condemn the angry, bitter bad losers loudly or we will just switch you off as anti British, dishonest, television. As for the left wing BBC, either support Britain or part of the next exit Government's agenda will be to have you closed down.  

A new administration must be committed to taking us out of the EU on our best terms no matter how long it takes and to ensure that all officials, at all levels, are fully behind the UK and its people. As it stands, there are too many civil servants still in situ who have aided and abetted one side. They must go. So too must any police leader who is not willing to wholeheartedly support and impose the will of the people on dissenters and trouble makers. The days of common purpose policing also ended with this vote and policing for the good of the community has begun; even if the NPCC hasn't realised it yet.

I am sure that the Brexit politicians are all aware of these threats and are already working on who they cannot trust, but just in case, I thought I better mention it.

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