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Monday, 6 June 2016

Road Rules for Cyclists?

A Highway Code for cyclists? 'Yippee' I can hear drivers shouting. 'Yes bring it on'. 'Long overdue'.

Asked by a BBC presenter should they have one........ 'NO' 'Especially not written by the AA of all people' I told listeners.

Why? 'Well they fix plumbing and cars and insure anything you want insured, but what is their expertise in road safety, driving, accidents, and prosecution?' I asked.

That's the problem. We have too many amateurs and vested interests with no CV meddling around with road safety. It would be highly dangerous for the AA to be doing it. 

But why would it be bad for drivers? Well look at this link with AA's Edmund King- disappointingly for him only getting an OBE for bogus road safety and now probably aiming for a knighthood- who is totally pro cycling and very anti driver, with the cycling crazy anti driver Carlton Reid, the author of a book that really pretends and claims that roads are not for cars,
 and with whose help these rules for cyclists have been published by the AA  See for yourself here. Don't take my word.

And here they are colluding with each other to promote unworkable draconian rules on drivers on Twitter.

Carlton Reid

'It is no surprise to me that the foreword to the book is by Edmund King on the pretence of representing drivers. He is so pro cyclist, and what I call an anti driver driver, it's like getting Captain Ahab to endorse a book on whale killing.' 
So one thing is for sure, these rules will be cyclist subjective and of no good for the driver.

And just like this draconian measure being promoted against drivers by the same lobby that makes no sense whatsoever -  I have asked AA for their view on this idea and if they accept this nonsense? Well now we know. See the tweets on this between King and Reid above- The first question should always be 'Why must we have road cycling at all?' It's a very fair question that so far no official is able to explain. Certainly the Commons Select Committee didn't ask it before handing out £650000000 a year to these three; oh one of whom was no less than Sir Edmund  ,asking for more fines for drivers and more money for the speeding courses he runs. How some-one subject of this story still got an OBE for road safety is beyond me. It was more an OBE for services to cycling, but for the Automobile Association, who still sells lots of insurance to drivers, that may have been incompatible. 

So no. This cycle code isn't going to be better for drivers or for roads. It's a promotion by people who want us out of cars and on pushbikes who have no qualification to be writing road rules.

It will ignore the fact that the primary cause of cycling casualties is..........road cycling.  This is the reality here.

The AA is now so diverse, it really has no right to call itself the Automobile Association It would be more accurate to call itself the Cycle Association CA

The question is: Do the Dept for Transport, and Home Office condone this gross interference and amateur road rules like this? Will the AA get their wings clipped? Don't give up the day job.

Now Edmund is saying:  

Oh well that means the vast majority don't need to fork out £4.99 to learn how to put kiddies among big heavy moving machines then? 

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