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Monday, 27 June 2016

Put this hopeless petition out of its misery. .

Formal request to the Petitions Committee to close the Petition.

The current Petition to overturn a parliamentary referendum is against democracy & should never have been allowed during a referendum for that reason. It is now being used to disrupt democracy and against the people. Since it demands a rule that cannot be retrospective in this case, all it will do is create false hope and then anger when it is rejected. That would be very damaging to the community. It would be better to take it down now. 

Of course a one option petition to reverse the referendum result will achieve millions of supporters since around sixteen  million dissenters expressed that in the proper referendum so it's simply bad losers repeating their case. Surely we are not going to undermine Parliament and its members by wasting their time on a foregone contrived conclusion that all of us can see through so clearly. 

For these reasons and to assist our nation to unite and work together to make their wish have the best chance, I ask that this divisive petition is closed now.  

Keith Peat

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