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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Whatever the result we must unite as a nation forever.

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Whatever the result of the EU Referendum we must have a united Britain.

Anyone against the idea of united we stand divided we fall would be no friend of our nation.

The Referendum was foisted on all of us and was bound to be divisive but when it's over, only the enemies of Britain would like to see division continue among us English, Scots, Welsh and Irish. 

There must be no place for victory parades or gloating. No place for seething resentment. Just a realisation that, even among the leading Remainers, there is acknowledgement of enough wrong with the EU that needs to be put right. 

As someone said 'The Referendum is really about 50% who hate the EU and want out, and 50% who hate the EU but want to stay' 

After this is all over, the best thing for all of us is to unite behind Britain and fight for what is best for its people. 

We cannot help anyone from a weak divided position. The best thing for the EU and the world's needy is a strong united Britain; not a divided weak Britain.

Either way, I hope you get the result that you feel is the best result and then be willing to address the worries and concerns of the vanquished.

Keith Peat

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