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Saturday, 25 June 2016

A message to the young.

Dear young people. Let me put your mind at rest about leaving the EU.

I am 76 and only have a short time to live so I can assure you my vote to remain wasn't for me it was for you.

I suppose you may think that my two sons at 50 are too old to have a say too, but they have, hopefully at least another twenty five years to live in this country. Unlike you however they did live before the EU and will tell you how good it was.

Can you imagine how painful it is for us, your own old people, that you are happy to place your life and future in the hands of lots of (warning nasty forbidden trigger word next) foreign old people in the EU that you don't even know and don't care for you so much as we do?

But why just rely on us? Ask your American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, young cousins how they are managing outside the EU? Ask them if they'd wish their country to be governed by by foreigners in Europe? Then ask yourself why you want your country ruled by European foreigners too?

Yes of course there's going to be uncertainty but what is happening now is a contrived chaos by nasty bitter undemocratic losers. They gave us a referendum and now because they don't like the result are disrupting Government and Parliament instead of uniting with Britons to make this work. It is they who are trying to destabilise democracy and so they're the real enemy of your future. See them here at work So these are the people that you should be angry with: Even more so because they are manipulating and exploiting you to overturn the wishes of the people.

What they are trying to do now, is to force us back into the hands of the very same foreign strangers who have no care for you, by leaving under EU rules against our best interests.

After forty years of paying our dues, we have earned the right to leave when we are good and ready and that may take a few years. 

When the Remainers demand that we leave right now, ask them why, as they didn't want to leave at all until the 23 June? Well I'll tell you why. They want us to fail, to crash, and one way to do that is to get us to jump out, unprepared, under EU rules.

Remember we didn't vote to leave under EU terms but on our own terms. Why would anyone, who's concerned for the UK, wish otherwise?  More on those people here

But the best thing for you, your kids and your country is to uphold democracy and for people of all ages and persuasions to unite and make it work. Only UK's enemies don't want that.

Keith Peat. 

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