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Friday, 3 June 2016

Why should UK be as stupid as Australian & American States for cycling?

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For some time now various states in other countries have been adopting laws which make it illegal for drivers to pass cyclists within a metre.

Having always regarded this as unworkable for several reasons, not least because, drivers don't drive with tape measures, that passing distance depends on speed of the pass, that fast cyclists passing other cyclists or vehicles too close are also a danger to others as well as themselves, that cyclists will still be allowed to cycle two abreast in addition to the 1 metre, and of course why impose a draconian disadvantage on essential traffic for unneeded human road hazards at all? I would never have believed that our Ministry of Transport and Roads Mininster Robert Goodwill, would ever be so daft as to consider the matter at all.  
Robert Goodwill

See why it cannot work.  You will see how even the Highway Code makes a Pig's Ear of it with Rule 163 

And yet, here we are, with the following story, and our Government are seriously considering the option of yet another anti driver, anti community rule for a minority unneeded lobby. This was re-tweeted by the great friend of the Cycling Lobby, Edmund King OBE.  More on Edmund here.

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There are 35 million driver voters in the UK and all of them support the whole population. How on Earth is the minority cycling movement so powerful? It makes no sense whatsoever. 
I suspect that policy towards cycling, getting us all from cars is on the Court of Common Purpose agenda. It's the only explanation as to why so many ministers, civil servants, police chiefs and so on are all supporting anti driver legislation and policy. 

ROADS were NOT built for CARS

Wake up drivers. Let's use your powerful voice before they have you all walking or on pushbikes! 

Make a start by getting genuine speed limits back to the honest system we used to use. Sign this petition and get your friends and colleagues to as well. 

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