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Saturday, 4 June 2016

UK Drivers are so useless.

Cycling Weekly

This petition from the minority unneeded Cycle Lobby against drivers has already obtained  more than 19000 signatures. passing-distance-cyclists-17000-signatures- and generated a response from H.M.G.

That the idea is totally unworkable and damaging to our infrastructure, hasn't stopped a self interested minority to gang up, as always, to appear as if they're really important. 

Here's what this draconian idea is all about, and although totally daft and against the interests of all of us, incredibly, it's already been adopted in some potty areas of the world. See why should UK be as stupid? Here

What better example of how easy it is to get a single issue, anti driver minority group out in force against drivers when UK's 35 million oppressed and struggling driver service just sit on their hands sucking their thumbs? Is there any wonder drivers are being screwed by the anti driver minority groups? 

What the Cycle Lobby is showing us, is how a pretty useless minority can become far more powerful than they should be.

And yet in this very sensible and workable petition to restore proper and honest speed limits, opposed by the anti driver groups of course, has so far only gathered 276 signatures from 35 million interested and affected people. 

No wonder drivers are being treated as third rate citizens and they ask for all they get,

Let's pull our fingers out and show HMG how powerful you really are. Let's beat the Anti Drivers at their own game. 

Here Edmund King, in this discourse with Carlton Reid, exposes his anti driver views on this unworkable and anti driver proposal. 

And then make a big noise against their silly imposition before it becomes another law against you.

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