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Monday, 20 June 2016

Why police shouldn't promote single issue groups.

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I am very concerned about insidious and covert changes in UK Policing principles which now have burst out openly and overtly into the public domain and are against the interests of the community the police are supposed to serve.

There was a terrible massacre in Orlando of American citizens. Yes apparently it was the haunt of Gays, Lesbians, transvestites and transgender people but the real motives of the killer are yet to be established. 

Most people are not Homosexual, Lesbian, transvestite or trans gender so why exclude them, as people, from the mourning process? Why try to make this a special event just for a minority?

Surely this was an attack on USA people as a whole and we should all be as one on these attacks instead of using them to the advantage any particular group's lobbyists? 

Here in the UK we have seen similar with the murder, by a madman, of MP Jo Cox where a particular agenda group have used her to promote their cause and agenda and worse, to foment anger and unrest among their followers and in the community.

Minority single issue groups commonly turn to aggression whether on animal rights, the EU Referendum, cycling, defence, fracking and so on. At one time this was understood and recognised by UK's Police who knew that their job was to reflect their community. All that seems to have changed.

Image result for lgbt flagPolice, all over the country hoisted the Rainbow Flag of the LGBT group at half staff on their publicly paid for flag poles. Did the public ask for that? Did the public consent to it?

Why not fly the Force flag at half mast in honor of the 49 American citizens who were killed? Even better the Stars & Stripes? Do these English Forces ever fly the Flag of St George like American Police fly the Star Spangled Banner? What about the Union Jack at half mast? Why alienate the rest of the community and make this a solely LGBT event at all? More on that shortly.

But, for now, let's focus on the dangers and undesirability of any public body selectively flying the flags of any particular group. Why not fly Christian flags at half staff in commemoration of the Christians who have been getting slaughtered for their faith recently? What about the flag of Freemasons, many of whom were executed by the Nazis and continue to be discriminated against to this day?  So who gets their flag flown by our police and why?

Below is a very good example of a United States LGBT blog site, and with UK Gays not only promoting and fomenting anger and unrest over the Jo Cox murder but also misleading the USA over Brexit too. At one point I am told to 'F off' because I am not Gay and therefor not entitled to defend my own country.

Now before anyone suggests that the blog and the posts isn't representative of the whole LGBT movement, that isn't the point. It shows why officials cannot be selective about groups to support and those not to support. Police Flags, Union Flags, our National Flag, and if appropriate other national flags yes but group flags? No way.

I have included below just some of the comments from these LGBT supporters on this blog to save save you time.


Link to USA Joe My God LGBT Gay Blog

 Image result for joe my god

Just a selection of the thoughts behind the Rainbow.
  • 'I've never understood why Americans are obsessed with donkeys' holes, when arses are so much more interesting.'
  • 'By subscribing to Neo Nazi philosophy, He is effectively the traitor to his own country and what Britain stands for.'
  • 'The Brexit campaign over here is trying to distance itself from it by claiming Mair was already a radicalised Britain First activist, especially the Daily Fail (Mail), Sun, Express and several other yellow journalistic rags. The irony in all this is that UKIP lead by Nigel Farage is nothing more than a radicalised hate group cum political party since its inception. It's key premise, to use immigration/xenophobia with an end result to get the UK out of the EU. This referendum is about them and those who aren't UKIP members but endorse the Brexit campaign are just as complicit. Farage was the one who demanded it. Say what they want, his party has paved the way to legitimise racism, xenophobia, homophobia and misogyny. Absolutely vile. Now I'm waiting for the Brexit trolls to come in and give me a bollocking with their predictable rants.'
  • 'OK... So that's Brexit? ....anti-organised labour, anti-immigrant anti-minority and anti-intellectual ... anti youth? .....have I missed any one on your "not worthy of a vote list"....LGBTQ perhaps?'
  • 'If the majority UKIP MEPs did something other than align themselves with neo-Nazis then we'd have more influence.' 
  • 'He assassinated a campaigner for human rights and refugees, a wife, and a mother, but above all a fellow human being based on lies and bigotry.'
  • 'A far-right extremist who sided with the Brexit campaign murdered a wife, mother and politician who supported remain.'
  • 'Don't try to use the 'mental illness' argument here. It simply won't wash.'
  • 'Oh fuck you. The Brexit campaign has been nonstop stoking racist nativist shitwipes and this is the predictable result. This murder will permanently stain the Brexit campaign and it fucking should'
  • 'A politician was assassinated by someone who presumably didn't like her politics but we shouldn't make this political?
  • Do me a favour and go back to defending the NRA after a massacre will you?'
  • 'You're on a gay site here, if you hadn't noticed.'
  • 'You're not making good points. You're just trying to obfuscate the real reasons for the murder.'
  • 'With such faint criticism of an assassin, you almost sound like you support him.'
  • 'A murderous neo-Nazi Brexiteer is reduced to a 'local nutter' in your world.'
  • 'And you complain when intelligent people here treat you like a numpty..'.
But it isn't just about Gays. There's also the loud and aggressive minority cycle lobby that, even though they are an unneeded and human hazard, are actually an imposition and liability for needed infrastructure. Anything that impedes and imposes a liability on drivers is, by definition, anti The Community who depend on drivers but not cycling.  

Look here at how the police are pandering to the Cycle Lobby against the interest of the community. 

So far, the woman head of roads policing, Suzette Davenport, who promoted one of the most unfair and draconian new policies against drivers won't even address genuine road safety truths for the good of all of us and road safety. See the appeal here.

So why are police so against the majority of us now? Why are the police more about single issue minorities and forcing them on us at public expense too? Well it's partly because of Common Purpose to which all officials on the promotion ladder must adhere. Most of it isn't in the public interest at all, is selective and very unfair.

Of course much of this is about discrimination against what they see as the biggest threat to minority groups, now openly called the indigenous 'Stale, Pale and Male' and so easily outnumbered jointly by women, homosexuals, transvestites, transgender, black and brown groups. See more on how the most representative UK grouping has been marginalised.

Another costly and divisive single issue group being promoted from police budgets is women in the police. See this Hilton Hotel story here.

It really is about time that we all demand that police operate in line with public interest and public demand and not to the agendas of single issue minority groups.

What better start than to ban anything but official flags from police stations and for 'Stale Pale Male' police officers to start demanding there are no selective single issue police groups too? Why no Stale Male Pale Police Officers Association?

Suzette Davenport is a cycling lesbian by the way. More on that here

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