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Thursday, 2 June 2016

These police are playing dangerous games with our lives.

Further to my Fatal 4 victory where the authorities have been begrudgingly forced to remove 'Speeding' from their Fatal 4 causes of road death  See more on that here.  & More on the Fatal 4 lie here with no apologies from the Police for calling me 'oppressive, ''vexatious' & 'abusive' for trying hard, in the name of road safety, to correct them, See the details here. -Please note the contrast in the treatment of a genuine road safety volunteer and that of bogus road safety anti driver ideologists with no CV who get honours for their interventions  For example  Here 
Rod King MBE
Edmund King OBE

 & Here    - Ho Hum. So 'Speeding' is no longer part of the Fatal 4. So wouldn't you expect Dangerous Driving to correctly be included now? Not when 'Speed' earns so much money for police and the authorities it seems.  

They have replaced 'Speeding' with 'Speed' See these Tweets.

This is going backwards and in this following Tweet it is all explained in a web page on speed published many moons ago. See here. Speed affects everything. Including a man walking into a telegraph pole. Without speed we all die. We don't slow planes, ships and trains unless absolutely necessary. But it's the police refusal to say that driving too fast is dangerous driving that's a great concern. 

So why isn't dangerous driving in the Fatal4? Well if it's about promoting and protecting the Speeding Industry at all costs, even if it does mean ignoring accident causes altogether, these police are playing dangerous games with our lives.

 @CIPhilVickers Amazing. Here's why it's disingenuous to cite 'Speed' as a cause. @ukhomeoffice @PoliceChiefs

Here is an open letter to the Roads Chief of the NPCC that sets out the bogus road safety policy running our roads and including the false statistics on which much policy is based  See it here. It should concern all of us that apart from an initial response, the NPCC have not addressed any of it. By all means email them and urge them to do so; especially now that they have conceded that I was correct about 'Speeding'.

You can help to curtail some of this immediately by supporting this petition on speed limiting. Why not sign it now?  

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