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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

So now the Evening Standard confirms voting leave isn't a risk

First look at my post of the 25 May here Where I explained then how a vote to leave was only a mandate that empowers our MPs and our Parliament and thus was an advantage to all of us and no risk. 

So they confirm entirely my information of  28  days ago.

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Image result for vote leave

So now that it's  out and public, Leave EU & Vote Leave just shouldn't be allowing the Remain side to put their false slant on it. 

Now they must tell voters there is no risk to voting out as they should've done since 25th May. 

All a leave vote will do is to empower our MPs and Parliament. Only anti British people and politicians could object to that.

Empower your Parliament and your MPs and your nation Tomorrow.  
Give them the tools
Vote leave

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