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Saturday, 5 April 2014

20 Zones survey

BRAKE 'the charity' in its hostile anti driver way of being a green lobby group says their survey resulted in 80% for 20 MPH zones.

Some media even splashed that as 'all Britain wants them'.

I have already raised the issue of amateurs polling amateurs in road safety many times and posted on this Brake survey Here.

Well Drivers Union is doing a proper survey on 20 zones and including in the questions the aspects that ought to be considered when deciding on them. 

BRAKE, 20's Plenty, Living Streets have massive followings and we can't stop them flooding polls they don't like. It's pretty obvious when people vote for money to go to 20 zones in preference to the NHS to save more lives and keep us healthier, then they are either cranks, dishonest, or both isn't it? But such is democracy. So it is important for all drivers to get this survey spread to as many reasoned people as possible. It's about time reasoned people had more say in their driving isn't it?

The survey is quick and it's here. The reasoned 20 zone questions


  1. Your survey is far too short and is worded in such a way as to trick people into agreeing with you, making you a little Hitler.

  2. The points put appertain to speed limits and 20zones. it is therefor an informed survey. BRAKE used trickery by just asking people if they wanted 20 zones for their own streets without consideration of other effects. I would rather speed limit policy isn't based on the survey of the uninformed at all but since BRAKE did it then this one shows how corrupt it was. When you ask the right questions then you get the right answers'

    However the idiots cant leave it alone and answer truthfully. How can anyone with any sense vote against the NHS? So it just proves how dishonest the anti driver lobby is.

    BTW re you point about 35 million drivers, do you ever read the case? How do nurses, water workers, bus drivers and pilots get to work and travel around? In your tiny brain by pushbike I expect. The lorry drivers do too and then they depend on people with cars to shift the goods out so more can be delivered to massive hypermarkets surrounded by car parks and not cycle racks.

    God gave you a brain to work things like that out. Or did he? :-)