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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sky fall for BRAKE propaganda.

At it again. A poll of the inexpert by the inexpert with a green ideological agenda.

Drivers why do you allow these people to hamper and prosecute you?

We write to.
Dear Sir, I am appalled that in the life and death issue of road safety and also prosecutions, as well as the costly over-slowing of UK's infrastructure, on the subject of 20 Zones you defer to BRAKE who are not experts and with an ideological green agenda against motoring. 

The contributor you used, clearly not an independent expert either, was evoking non existent children and non existent accidents on the basis of Ministry of Guesswork statements. You would need hundreds of child strikes at exactly 40 MPH and 20 MPH for his remarks to have been factual. Do you like to mislead your viewers like that?

Any police driving expert would prefer, in busy congested streets, drivers to be focusing on outside the vehicle rather than worrying about points and a needle inside the vehicle.

Brake's poll is false. A poll of the inexpert by the inexpert and of course anyone wants to live in a quiet cul de sac so hence the false figure. Had they been asked 'do you believe in blanket 20 limits on streets where there are no accidents at all? ' I am sure the poll would be opposite. Or 'Would you prefer your kiddie hit at 20 MPH or at the lower speed the driver would've already selected without 20 limits?'

So we are to blanket thousands of streets on a purely green agenda so that drivers will now be prosecuted for not driving green enough? Then of course the profiteers of the the speed awareness courses, where in Wales alone two limited companies are earning £500,000 a month from this illegal scam.

When will Sky learn, that road safety policy will never be appropriate when based on ideology and or profit? This can only happen when any Tom Dick & Harry without any CV in the subject is promoted by media. 

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Keith Peat

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