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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Cyclists attack woman driver over silly cyclist

'That woman', 'Lazy', 'Obese', 'Dumbass cow', 'can't drive for shit'. 

Just some of the comments from the self rightious and blameless cycling fraternity. 

If the authorities need any evidence of how silly and irrational the avid cycle lobby are, then they should read the comments attached to this video See it here and read the comments.  of a cyclist who, cycling against the traffic on a footway on the wrong side of the road, ignores a stationary car in the middle of the road signalling to turn right onto a drive and just rides across the path of the vehicle. The woman driver stops to avoid collision and the cyclist rides on unscathed. The recorded unprompted comments of the children in the car, who witnessed it, say it all as do those of the woman driver.

The cycle lobby, never shy of videoing drivers clearly hate the same being done to them. But rather than accept that the cyclist was wrong, they then make disparaging comments about the woman driver and her driving.

A cycle lobby twitter post even lied that the child had said 'Uncle Keith hates cyclists'. This was shared and re-tweeted among the group.

The authorities should take note of the cycling attitude and consider if we can ever take their comments on face value when considering their demands and claims. They are a very vicious and dishonest lobby. They don't represent the vast majority of cyclists who demand nothing from society and would not have endorsed this cyclist either.  

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