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Friday, 25 April 2014

Why a stated passing clearance is a non starter

Just look at this story of a Huston Idiot with a pole after that city passed a three foot rule.

So does he wait when there's less than 3 feet between slow moving cars then? Do most commuting cyclists? Of course they don't. But someone dare open a car door as they pass and all hell breaks out as their 'blame others' mentality takes over.

Let's hope that our politicians are not so stupid as others and remember that they don't really need cyclists but they do need drivers before there is any similar driver oppression in their minds.

Look the concept of road cycling is dangerous and a risky choice but to impede essential infrastructure for it is a crazy notion for any right minded politician.

In any case drivers don't carry a three foot tape measure and must not be torn between evasive action to avoid a collision by leaving any space to do so unused.

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