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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

20 zones: So now Birmingham creates driver tickets just for not being green!

Are we the only people to have realised that speed limits are being used for green issues?

The reason to limit a motorway to 60 MPH wasn't for accident reasons but pure environmental reasons. So you get a ticket there for not driving green? 

This is the basis for 20 zones. Living streets. Peace and quiet. Listen to Rod King of 20s Plenty Group, an MBE already for feeding the speeding industry, and he invents terms that are not in the Road Traffic Act like 'residential  streets', Streets are there to carry essential infrastructure. Motor transport. In Rod's world he must think we run on bullock transport.

But Rod has just boasted about a 'health chief' supporting 20 zones. In fact it's only the head of Birmingham Health Dept. A doctor who has no CV in road safety, driving or prosecution and who looks suspiciously like a classic cycling buff too. See the story here.

I have posted this to their site: 

As a police road driving expert: I can confirm that road safety will be impaired by 20 zones, especially where accidents are not happening. This is mainly because in such congested areas with people, children, cyclists, animals, parked cars, we experts prefer drivers to drive to the circumstances through the windscreen and not to a number on a pole. 

In these areas drivers are already selecting speeds lower than 20 MPH; the Idiot drivers simply Will not be altered.

What CV in driving: and road safety and prosecution does Dr Phillips have in this subject? 

Basically would you prefer your kiddie hit by half a ton of metal doing 20 MPH or not at all by a driver who had already taken account of the circumstance and seen the child?

As an expert, with the appropriate CV I challenge the Dr and query his qualification and Indeed his motives too. Will you now publish an expert's opinion?

As to health: Has the Doctor missed the fact that without all motor transport, including private, we would all die very rapidly from lack of basics? No water, food,heat and light, no NHS, no emergency services and certainly no Birmingham Council
either? Not healthy at all then.

 In fact the faster mankind got, and our societies were never built on manpower driven transport, so our life expectancy has risen.

But no speed limit should be based on health and emissions but only road safety. It means we have indirectly moved from prosecuting drivers for road safety to prosecuting them because they are not green enough.

The Dr looks like a typical cycling buff. May I enquire what his demographic is? If he is a green policy supporter and keen cyclist then that should be declared shouldn't it?

I will use this reply for our web site and blog. What on earth is a medical doctor doing commenting on a road safety issue at all if he has no background in it?

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