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Monday, 14 April 2014

More L.A.M.B corres.

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We have written to the council leader since his two councillors are more concerned about their local votes to think of Lincolnshire tourism.

Us:Dear Councillor Hill,

Height Barriers.

'Lincolnshire doesn't want motor home holiday cash' & 'Lincolnshire doesn't welcome motor homes' are both currently true statements since the LCC unwisely listened to two councillors feathering their own political nests by treating our coast and beaches as if belonging to local parishes in their wards.

With wild claims of threats of violence, rubbish, whole sites covered in motor homes, yet I have asked for the evidence of this, details, police reports etc to support this draconian discrimination by barrier to no avail so far.I think it's no more than gross exaggeration and generalisation.

The whole case is amply illustrated at these two dedicated web pages, and

These councillors, having cost the Council a fortune in erecting discriminatory barriers along our coastal amenities are clearly unwilling to admit their mistake now and in publicly threatening to close the amenities altogether if they don't prevail, surely cannot be speaking for The Council with these empty threats and such dishonest threats are just making a bad decision worse.

Having tried to reason with them, I have no option to go above their heads and into the public domain with this.

I am sick and tired of having to challenge these barriers throughout the UK and don't experience them anywhere else. It's about time we either ban motor homes or accept that they are now a very common and growing vacation option which is highly taxed and levied and do accommodate them everywhere now.

The problem is a Council failure. When large terraces at beaches are abandoned without regulation, of course people will take advantage of a free facility and undesirables too. It's a no brainer. So any problems at these sites is entirely down to no or lack of council management. They should be considered as an important part of Lincolnshire tourism with their own budget and income.

You now have a by-law in place to prosecute offenders and we were told that once it was passed the terraces would again be open to all. So why are certain classes still being locked out now?

But why should the Council allow free use of the facility anyway? When parking charges are being used in other car parks, why can't we charge hourly and daily rates to use these amenities too?

Warning signs of prosecution for wild camping will certainly stop most law abiding motor homers since one of their first questions is 'can I legally stay here over night?' But banning them during the day is pure discrimination.

I have sought legal advice too. Apparently to bar disabled and disadvantaged from any council amenity is a no no too.

Please do cause a review this policy urgently since summer is nearly here.


The Leader: Dear Mr Peat

I acknowledge receipt of your e mail.

I cannot agree with your criticism of 2 councillors who are merely trying to address the legitimate concerns of residents and other coastal visitors.
This is a matter for local determination by those elected to do so which has been a long running issue.


Martin Hill

We reply: Hi Mr Hill,

I can assure you that I am already far too busy with voluntary community and charity work to have any need to involve myself with something else so I could do without fighting official discrimination.

The councillors have confessed that this discriminatory action against a whole class of holiday maker was on behalf of the Huttoft Parishes. .

You also seem to be ignoring the rude allegations and assumptions being made about me in their responses and that this latest string of correspondence is about a press article and letter, instigated by Councillor Palmer, childishly threatening to close the terraces if he and Councillor Davie's barriers continue to be damaged. We know that it was a dishonest empty threat but in making it, the councillor wasn't representing council policy at all and has made it look churlish and silly.

I have rudely been told to 'stop council bashing'. So self righteous that they must always be right, Councillors Davie and Palmer see valid comment and astonishment at their own comments as of the Council. They clearly think they are the Council. They are not and the Council should not be bound by their errors either.

So are you all saying that having been able to enjoy these facilities as a resident for 20 years with family days on the coast, I have no right to be upset to suddenly find its been removed because I and thousands like me are wrongly associated with nuisances? Then to not only have dismissive unsympathetic responses but very rude remarks about my motives too.

Please do remind all Councillors that they stood for election, we vote, and then pay for them. We are the customers so please refrain from rudeness and a high handed superior attitude when someone is trying to draw your attention to an oversight that needs addressing.

I think that it stems from a total misunderstanding as to what motor caravanning is mostly about. Sleeping is just one part but 99% is actually touring around and spending time, whether a couple of hours or a whole day at visitor spots with all the comforts and conveniences like toilets, cookers, a fridge a place to change etc. That is what we pay for with these expensive vehicles.

It is a total lack of understanding about a rapidly growing holiday and tourist choice. Do you think commercial theme parks and leisure parks ban them? Auschwitz car park allows MHs to overnight and has no height restrictions. Do you think Norfolk Broads rents out 45 foot ten people cruisers and then only allows little motor boats at all the points of interest? Motor Caravanning is exactly the same. Now this all could've been explained before the barriers were erected except the very people concerned were never consulted but those with no interest in the subject were. So now let's be considered for the summer.

These coastal facilities are not just about Huttoft they are about Lincolnshire tourism. This is a coastal tourist area. Why buy a house near the sea then moan because people want to be there? But the problem is caused by the Council failing to manage and control these large areas. Of course, if there is no clear enforcement going on, where people want to be, things will get out of hand. Of course, if there is no apparent reason not to, why wouldn't people overnight if it's legal? So now, with the by-law and good warning of prosecution signs, as well as prosecution, you have the means to deter most of it and prosecute those who ignore the regulations.

Yes let's work together and open the barriers to all during daylight hours or better still just let the by-law do its stuff.



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