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Monday, 11 January 2010

A Challenge to BRAKE

Let's see if BRAKE are truly interested in saving lives or just promoting the profitable Road Safety Industry.

Hi yes,

I am a campaigner for road safety. I am totally altruistic, make no profit, and do not even receive any grants or charity to do it. I am an ex traffic cop and expert on road safety and driving. I understand that you have a road safety conference in May. Are you to include any speakers who are true volunteer experts on road safety? I have a 40 minute presentation called 'Speed Kills the Goldmine Soundbite'. I ask questions like how many people are killed from the knock on economic cost for every MPH that transport is slowed. What is that figure? Is the Industry actually killing more people than it saves? Fair questions I think. So would you like some balance at this conference as I am willing to offer my services.

Regards PeatEast Midlands Regional CoordinatorAssociation of British DriversLincolnshire Drivers' Charter MemberABD Belongs to National Association of Voluntary Organisations.


  1. Hi Keith,

    You are keeping busy and as you know I am road safety with a passion for improvements at night which have been forgotten at night by Brake the IAM and RoSPA and Chief of various Police Forces. My aim in my Campaign totally altruistic!

    After 37 years working on the streets of London and the suburbs my aim is to reduce the 40% accident rate at night. (Far too high) I just cope through years of experience! will not entertain you unless you are ready to make huge financial donations. I have written to them many times without reply. They have after several attempts acknowledged me with the http://2young2die/ campaign sent me some useful information.

    I have been accepted by Advanced Driver’s and ADI’s who know the Bi-xenon lights and general lack of education is rife amongst all our Drivers of all ages including serving Police Officers.

    The LTDA (Licensed Taxi Drivers Association) is now well informed about the poor lack of knowledge and is going to look into how they can improve things and help my campaign progress.

    I have offered my services also and been ignored.

    Will our blogs be out in cyberspace for everyone to see when we are long gone? I do hope so and that they say we should have listened to Keith Peat (bogtrotter) & Ken Perham (theblinder) as they were talking sense.

    Petition to: revise the RVLR 1989 regulation

    If you live in the USA and many other places around the World and have the more sensitive eyes that find Daytime Running Lights distract making added dangers for you go to the DaDRL and vote:-

    DaDRL UK Vote against Daytime Running Lights


    Let’s hope with my effort and your votes 2010 will be the year our voice is heard.

  2. Well said Ken.

    However although Xennon seem to have highlighted (pun intended) the problem, as you know I have been arging for years that using even dipped headlamps in well lit streets is highly dangerous too and was contributing to urban nightime collisions long before Xennon. Folks you and everyone else can see far more in well lit streets when there are no headlights.