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Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Public v Private Transport Lie

Why do we fall for the Public Transport v Private debate? They are entirely different. One allows you to travel exactly to where you want to be, from exactly where you want to start, in comfort and without hassle at exactly the time that suits you. The other................doesn't.
Public transport, to have any chance of doing that, has to include taxis in its category. But when on hire, taxis are private limmos with a driver. Even London, with its costly several buses in one street and trains every 2 minutes in peak periods and around 10 minutes outside of that,still cannot cope without the taxi and private car either.
There is no hope that London's costly PT can be replicated in other towns, let alone rural areas, so who are the authorities trying to kid ?

Lets accept they both perform two entirely different functions and complement each other so why pretend we can dump one of them?

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