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Friday, 15 January 2010

Road Safety Foundation Latest

Well at least this road safety group are not so dismissive as the rest of the Road Safety Industry.

They have asked for my CV. In Road Safety. To save time for other groups in the Industry I publish their mail to me and my CV here too.

Dear Mr Peat,

Thank you for your interest in working with the Foundation. Would it be possible for you to send me a copy of your full CV via email so that we can evaluate areas where your skills may be helpful in our current activities?

Dr Joanne Hill

Hi Joanne,

The relevant part may be found on my profile at but here is more detail of that.

Fully time served motor engineer with University level motor engineering, science and technology and involved with heavy commercial vehicles. Driving and motorcycling continuously for about 55 years now.

I joined the city of London Police in 1962, where I was engaged in traffic management on the ground, accident reporting and prosecution and took all of the residential courses at Chelmsford Police Driving School where I became a class 1 advanced police driver as much of my police career I was a high speed patrol driver in London. I was also a police motor cyclist prior to that. I was, from time to time, employed in the police workshops. I was also engaged in providing accident statistics and liaison with outside lawyers in the compiling, preparation and provision of accident and incident abstracts for legal proceedings. Having seen and worked on the ground floor of police statistics, I am able to say for example, that most accident statistics are completed by non-specialist 'jacks of all trade' police officers, with no specialist qualification in the subject at all. So that instead of stating as a given, for example '5% of road accidents are caused by speeding', all we really know is that 5% of unqualified officers ticked that box when they were anxious to complete the job and go home. Whether that box should even be there is another matter too.

If there is to be an 'expert' for driving and road safety, I would like to know how better it can be defined. For a start no civilian driving course can claim to do better than improve a driver or make a bad driver better. It certainly cannot claim to create driving experts. There are too many people, having input into this life and death issue, who have no other connection with it other than that 'they are drivers'. What other dangerous field of human activity is there where every Tom, Dick or Harry is an 'expert' simply because he does it?

I am currently the East Midlands Regional Coordinator for the Association of British Drivers.

However I think in truth that my unique and original lateral thinking, not just on road safety but all things, stems from being a Mensarian. This would certainly explain why I am able to take the question of road safety outside of the envelope of just the road safety perspective and certainly from that of the interests of the Road Safety Industry for example. Hence my query: 'Are we actually already killing more than we save?'. Those within the Industry and I count the foundation as within the Industry, if being paid, will never ask that question; they should. Not counting all the equipment manufacturers, the 40 or so camera partnerships, the retailers, the various foundations and groups (BRAKE, PACTS, RSS Ltd, ACPO Ltd now this foundation), all being subsidised by the State, Industry and both, one would not believe that there are more people killed in the home by accident than for any reason on the road. What is it really all about then?

My independence, in that I am a volunteer unpaid, without an employer, means that I can freely expose falsehoods and myths without fear of retribution and with no axe to grind. I only have one motive: To focus on what actually causes accidents and how to prevent them without unnecessarily criminalising people and especially costing the economy untold millions which could be better used to keep people alive.

I have for some time been in close liaison with the Conservative Shadow Transport Team and because of the high cost of the Road Safety Industry, the Shadow Chancellor's Team too in anticipation that there will be a change of leadership. One of the observations I have made is the size and cost of the lucrative Road Safety Industry to the nation.

Of course I am no spring chicken. Born in 1940 and in my 70th year. I have little time left to do my work and there is not time to waste because, if we are getting it wrong, it means people are dying and being maimed who needn't be and people are losing their livelihoods who shouldn't be too.

In view of that, I am not looking for a paid job now. I can work from home and am willing to travel occasionally, as I already do, (expenses only) to help in this important matter.

I hope that CV and my philosophy is all that you were looking for.


Keith Peat.

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