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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A46. Dangerous ideas of safety.

(Speed Limits) (A46 Laceby Bypass) (No.09-16)

Summary of objections

I object to the indefinite continuation of the order for the following reasons:

It is based on a number of false assumptions and common road safety mistakes. In view of that, it is highly likely to cause serious accidents at other locations not within this order.

Photo: Councillor Peter Burgess (Portfolio Holder).

The false assumptions include:

Speeding, the act of exceeding an arbitrary and unscientific number on a pole, causes accidents.

That, by reducing average speeds of motor transport, death and injury is reduced.

That by reducing speeds in one area is not creating accidents elsewhere at a later time.

That a ‘small increase in journey times’ will result.

That the 85%ile rule which served us so well for a century can be falsely manipulated with cameras.That misses the point of the 85%ile. To say we will create a new 85%ile with cameras shows a complete misunderstanding about its objective. (1 1.2)

That budgets take precedent over death and injury. (2 2.2)


It fails to focus on the alleged problem which is road junctions.

It creates 'speeding' entrapment and will create 'speeders'.

It will cause accidents.

Full details can be obtained from


  1. I have just rejected a comment by Fractious Tart but not because I disagree with him or that it was offensive but rather long and confusing. Fractious Tart the definition of 'speeding' is as follows. To exceed an arbitrary and unscientific number on a pole. 'Speeding' is not driving too fast, which causes accidents and which speed cameras cannot see or catch. The term 'speeding' should not be used in place of or in the context of driving too fast (dangerous) as you have done. This causes the confusion that the officials exploit. So I thought I would rewrite what I think you were trying to say.


  2. Thanks for the enlightenment but that's not what I was saying. I gave definition of the word speeding from the online Oxford English Dictionary that relates it entirely to safety cameras rather than telling us in plain English what the word means.

    Speeding, or the assumption of excessive speed is entirely related to road conditions at any time and a limit enforced without reference to these changing conditions is meaningless.
    The only way speeding could be properly enforced with regard to actual raod conditions isn't by machines, it's be the plod in cars patrolling the roads and using their own judgement but that doesn't generate income does it?