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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Derby Madness

From the Derby Telegraph:
THE mountain Derby City Council has to climb to reduce its carbon emissions has now come into full view. When the authority decided in 2007 that it was going to slash them by 25% by the end of 2011, it had no idea how much the authority emitted.It has taken years for the authority to pull together up-to-date electricity and gas statements and work out those figures.Now, in its climate change strategy, it has shown its emissions for 2008-9 were 40,725 tonnes.It means that to cut 25% from its emissions by its new self-imposed deadline of 2013-4, it will have to save 10,181 tonnes. To achieve this tough task, no stone will be left unturned and targets will be set in every area.For example, 400 tonnes of emissions could be saved by having more efficient cremators in the city and 1,300 tonnes could be saved by extending the Council House and moving staff there from other buildings in the city.But the man responsible for environment at the council knows this is no easy task.Councillor Bob Troup, (picture) cabinet member for housing and environment, said: "It is going to be a severe challenge. There are a lot of things which might not happen which would affect the targets."For example, if we were not to install a wind turbine then that would have an impact, because that accounts for quite a lot of a carbon emission reductions and if it didn't happen it would be a big blow."If all the targets are met, the council can reduce emissions by 19,093 tonnes. Three large wind turbines would account for 8,400 tonnes of that.But within its climate change strategy, the council has also shown new developments which could increase emissions.For example, new street lighting being installed as part of a contract with Balfour Beatty is increasing carbon emissions by 15%.The Derby Telegraph has reported how the council is considering spending £3m on a system which will allow it to dim or even switch off street lights at certain times and in specific areas to reduce emissions.The cabinet is also proposing to spend £50m on a leisure plan which would see new, more energy-efficient sports centres in the city.Mr Troup said: "We are continuing to look for other ways to reduce our emissions and hopefully come up with other ideas."Developments such as for the leisure centres would be replacements of existing facilities and would be built up to modern standards so they would be more energy-efficient."The council says it does not know how much money the emission reductions will save because it would depend on several factors which are still unknown, such as energy costs.However, some schemes, such as a proposed hydro-electric power generator on the River Derwent, will, it is estimated, save the council £1.7m.Climate-change campaigners said the strategy was a step in the right direction but more needed to be done.Peter Robinson, chairman of Derby Campaign Against Climate Change, said: "The climate change challenge is the biggest challenge facing all politicians and it is something that we have to be open and frank with the electorate about."I welcome the strategy as a step towards that, but it is not nearly enough."The council has to go to the electorate and take the bull by the horns and say what a major, major issue climate change is and that it is not a responsibility we can shirk."Mr Troup agreed climate change was a key focus."Tackling climate change is a massive challenge and one we can't achieve alone," he said."We are also working with partners in both the public and private sector to reduce carbon emissions city-wide and we have a Home Energy Advisory Service helping to tackle fuel poverty and emissions from housing."This strategy will formalise the campaign, put realistic emissions savings behind what we do and reassure the public it's an area we are taking very seriously."

But watch my lips Derby. CO2 is a natural and essential gas. The whole UK output is a mere 2% of world output so Derby's is miniscule. Is that why you use big numbers like 40,000 tonnes, 10,000 Tonnes or 400 tonnes so it looks a lot? These are miniscule numbers Derby. And climate has always changed drastically too. If not we would not be here at all. So Mr Robinson and Cllr Troup, are you against people? How many families and kids are to struggle because of these costs? How many will you kill from the money that could help the NHS, the emergency services, people already struggling but will no longer be there? And even as science is now showing this whole thing to be a scam, the liberal elite of Derby push on regardless. Stop it now before you kill even more people Mr Troup.

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