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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Testing the RSF's sincerity

Road Safety Foundation. Another group on the Gravy Train. There is more accidental death in the home, so why all this ( very lucrative)focus on the driver and road safety?

Well let's see how genuine they are shall we.

Lord Alf Dubs

Hi Everyone! I am an ex-traffic police officer and class 1 advanced police driver. Motor Engineer by trade. I have reported accidents and prosecuted in road traffic matters. As such I regard myself as a driving and road safety expert.

Rather than write too much here I suggest that you visit my site and particularly under tags like 'roads stats flawed?' 'Camera magic' 'speed limits' you will find road safety facts and the effects of the Road Safety Industry too.

My work is totally voluntary and altruistic; not even government grants to assist me so I am therefore without any vested interest in stating the truth in this life and death issue.

If your association is also concerned that the truth is paramount, and it should come before profit and gain, in a life and death issue where people can lose their jobs, their families too, then please may I help your association to achieve that most effectively?



  1. On enquiry, the RSF say they did not receive my offer!

  2. Keith
    You say in your Twitter profile: "Bio, Ex traffic cop. Totally against aggressive, profitable, 'Road Safety' Industry.
    Are you therefore surprised by their lack of response?

  3. No Bob I am not surprised at all. You see like a PACTS,(a private lobby group) loaded with vested interested non-experts such as insurance companies, camera manufacturers, tracking manufacturers and BRAKE, likewise with public money and supported by the same crowd, I challenge all of them to show that they are really interested in impartial, independent and free expert help with road safety. There is only one reason to turn that down Bob. A lot of expensive lucrative schemes would be dumped. Follow the money Bob.