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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Phantom Tracker Update

Well things are not looking good for Phantom Tracker.

It seems that having been paid for a unit and its installation and that having contracted a 5 year monitoring also apparently paid for by Phantom's own records in 2004, their unit was never tracked or entered in their system. Was this by accident?..............................No! It was because they, dishonestly, keep saying that 'they will not transfer a subscription from one assigned owner to another'. Except this was the first assigned owner as far as Phantom was concerned and from the records in possession of the owner; no-one else was ever registered with them. Having notified them in 2005 by phone and submitting their assignment form, they still did not include the vehicle in their system. So for six years, from brand new, a £32000 motorcaravan has been exposed by Phantom, untrackable and the owner had no idea that the vehicle was totally un-protected.

Now Phantom can make whatever excuses they like. But the fact remains that they clearly put the money before safeguarding of vehicles. But having been paid once for a tracker and a subscription which they never activated, they are now claiming that if a unit is not used it dies and will need replacing at a cost. Why does it die? Surely, once installed, it will tick happily away whether anyone is tracking it or not? Can any technophiles verify that please? But since it was their fault not to activate the system, even if correct, it was their lack of action that caused it to die wasn't it?

Question for Phantom. When are any of us the first owners of anything except contracts Phantom?

Phantom the unit may be fine but the people behind it don't seem to care a jot about the security of a vehicle or apologising and doing everything to make up for their mistakes and getting them protected; They seem more intent on denying the truth and calling customers liars.

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