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Friday, 20 March 2015

10% of road journeys by pushbike? Wha ha ha.

In this story top companies to urge parties to make election pledges to cycling. Why aren't these companies making appeals for drivers? All the more reason for drivers to get pledges from their candidates. Here's how to do it.

Setting a meaningful target, to make cycling account for 10% of all trips by 2025

Oh right and can these companies and their employees exist on pushbikes? And before the lobby makes an utter fool of itself, can I mention that 10% of journeys would need to be about 30 billion miles a year, carrying heavy loads and people at a faster speed than pushbikes can go?

The current mileage, apart from the tiny minority who commute, but don't have to, seems to be cyclists out on a jolly as a hobby and generally being an unnecessary hazard to major infrastructure.

But what happened to the £650 million a year of Taxpayer's money that's just been granted?

Given that 99% of people don't cycle and that no one actually needs it, they should be demanding from their candidates that this money is cancelled and spent on hospitals, police and fire and rescue.

Walkers? All our towns and cities already have ample pedestrian infrastructure and they do not need the carriageway as do cyclists. The only reason they are included is to give some sort of credibility to the cycle lobby. 

Walkers have more in common with drivers. Both need each other and society must have walkers and drivers. Why does it need cyclists at all? That's a pretty fair question that really needs an answer. 

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