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Monday, 16 March 2015

Road safety fat cats feathering their nests again.

Politicians. You can pledge top road safety and please 35 million driver voters in one statement. 'We support genuine not for profit or ideologically based expert road safety. Profit and ideology is no basis for road safety' Who can disagree with that?
The vested interests, amateurs, and ideologically insane have written to all our political parties for an election pledge to maintain their dangerous road safety promotion. See the amateurs & vested interests demanding this election pledge And See all of them together revealed on this page.

More on Road Safety GB Ltd    IAM sells courses. They support speed cameras  See more about PACTs v Drivers here.  ROSPA are not experts in driving, road safety, or dealing with road accidents. RoadSafe One of Prince Michael's babies. Road Safety Foundation are well meaning amateurs listening to vested interests. Airso. Close associates are known profiteers.
In doing so they're playing on the recent rise in road casualties. The increase was after an all time low so a rise was predicted by us. 

They think that road casualties must keep going down and it costs nothing to achieve it. We are spending billions on bogus road safety and prosecution that could save many more lives if in the NHS, police and fire & rescue services.

Any MP with half a brain must know that we cannot achieve best road safety based on ideology, vested interest and profit. We can please drivers and make our roads safer by kicking all these signatories into touch and reviewing anti driver road safety policy. There is much we can do.

MPs should ask: When accident death in the home is higher than from all causes on the road, See more ,why there is so much focus on drivers and road death? See UK's road safety fat cats Well one answer is clear. It's something other than preventing death and casualties isn't it. 

Your party can pledge better road safety without pandering to these amateurs, profiteers, vested interests or plain ideologically anti driver groups. 

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