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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The three anti driver rationales of speed & speeding

It's worth simplifying the issues of speed and limits since the anti driver Westminster Metropolitan Elite, the profiteers of the 'Speeding' Industry, and ACPO etc deliberately confuse the issue to keep in business.

For a full legal explanation See here. 

But let's focus on the justification for focusing on speed for now:

1. 'It's deliberate disobedience.

That really is the only justification for prosecuting many thousands of perfectly safe drivers or else admit the limit is failing, so are the cameras and that there is clearly a fault at the site that needs correcting. How many people do you know, speed deliberately? 

2. 'The faster things are going, the worse the damage and injury.'

Under this comes the peculiar stat 'Hit someone at 30 yada yada...' and 'hit someone at 20...yada yada.'

For a start there would need to be hundreds of bodies hit at exactly 20mph or 30mph and it's impossible to measure that precisely, for it to be a fact. So it's just ministry of guesswork theory. But that isn't the main fault of this argument. It is about mitigating the effect of the accident after it's happened and fails to focus on the cause of the accident first to stop it happening in the first place. So it isn't about accident prevention at all then is it!

3. 'The slower everything goes then the less chance of an accident.'

Yep that is so. So let's stop all traffic, including cycling by the way, and get road safety Nirvana. But we would kill many millions from a complete shutdown of our system, our economy and lack of basic necessities.  See Penning's 6th Former's attitude  and More on that here 

So there is a massive cost to the economy of slowing and hampering UK's essential infrastructure that the anti driver Metropolitan Elite, as well as the profiteers, won't mention. We estimate it to be about £3 billion a year for every 1 MPH UK's roads are impeded. Yes for every 1 MPH. In fact, ludicrous as it may sound, on a cost effective basis, road casualties could already be too low if we are killing far more people from a bad economic policy. To get it in perspective do see Road Death in perspective.

And low and behold. Today, here it is in a massive glossy report from one of these anti driver charities.

'To achieve further significant casualty reduction and safe active travel requires re-establishment of clear leadership at national government level. We recommend that national Government sets ambitious targets for casualty reduction on the path towards zero deaths and serious injuries.' See more on it here

But finally, I love this one See some of the road safety fat cats here.

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