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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Why York women can give this a miss.

York cycling seminar for women and why they should give it a miss.

'Just ask yourselves. Would your reporters be able to keep you going by pushbike? Well don't ask women to run a home and kiddies on them then.'

Are York taxpayers aware that their council has spent money to promote cycling for women? A seminar to be held at York Race Course, Making Cycling More Appealing to Women on 30 April.

Yes we know the London Metropolitan  Anti Driver Pro cyclist Elite, exposed here as one of the speakers of this event no less,Yep it's Rachel Aldred, and especially here in this massive anti driver pro cyclist tome, paid for out of charity taxes We deal with it here  have been operating against drivers for far too long, but has the York Council got to fall for it too?

Central Government, without asking why we must have road cycling and rolling over to a cycle maker's demands for £10 per head from all of us, have already awarded £650 million a year to something 99% don't do and none of us actually need.  See it here So York tax payers are stumping up even more then?

Women aren't daft. If cycling was a viable road transport, we would all be doing it. And that's the point. the LME are trying to force cycling on us all and making us pay for their efforts too. It's like trying to force jogging on us at our expense.

Another speaker, Carlton Reid, is a rabid anti driver who simply cannot admit that society only needs drivers and walkers on roads. The author of a pointless history 'Roads Weren't Built for Cars' seems to think that things like gears and wheels and roads didn't exist until the pushbike and that no-one would have thought of the pneumatic tyre or road metal without the pedal cycle. See Roads Weren't built for cycling either mate. See

And don't let's have the old health chestnut. There's far safer and more efficient ways of being healthy than impeding essential infrastructure. Currently 35 cyclists have died already on UK's roads this year. see See  from this unneeded activity. If this were a serial killer there would be outrage and we would all be locked in our houses. .

Well here are 18 reasons, from cyclists, why women should think twice about cycling. See

Just ask yourselves. Would your reporters be able to keep you going by pushbike? Well don't ask women to run a home and kiddies on them then.

We will be doing our utmost to assuage any guilt York women may feel about giving this event a miss. I hope you will too.

Keith Peat

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