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Saturday, 14 March 2015

DfT, The cycle lobby, 20s plenty, the charities, what about the drivers?

Is there any wonder that drivers are aggrieved with cyclists? Here, yet again, cyclists scream for more driver jail after an accident. See Cyclist group call to ban careless driving so that drivers can be jailed longer.

Doesn't anyone of authority see the elephant in the room? Road cycling's an unnecessary hazard in the middle of essential infrastructure. Society wouldn't miss cycling at all. They are actually advised by the government, (DfT) to use their bodies to impede and obstruct drivers to force their presence. See it here, I am not making it up. Hit one and possibly face 14 years inside.

Now the same government has teemed up with a rabid anti driver group, see Anti driver cycling group & the DfT to get even more of these hazards on the road. See CTC want more driver jail & CTC another costly charity. that society doesn't need.
see DfT think vested interests & charity are experts on road safety

There are far too many charities running our roads. Like Rod King MBE of 20s Plenty for us. How did he get his MBE?
Rod KIng 20's plenty.
 For saying what someone in the DfT is wanting? We certainly have made a very compelling link to this anti driver charity and the DfT. See Honours. The smoking gun?  and here is some more on the anti driver charity honours too. See Make your own mind up. 

Then of course there is, against the advice of independent experts, the decision to make careless driving a fixed penalty offence. See a dangerous unfair concept & profiteer's charter. 

So what has happened to Robert Goodwill (Roads Minister) since he was shadow transport and we alerted him to what was going on? I would suggest he took over the same, liberal elitist civil servants that ran the Labour Transport Department too. So who are they? Who is pro cyclist and anti driver in the DfT? It's about time they were shifted to somewhere less damaging and lethal isn't it?


  1. I would miss cycling, many other people would miss cycling, plus the people who earn money whilst fixing, selling or making bike components and small scale frame builders would miss it too. Like it or not- we are part of society, therefore society would miss cycling. We aren't going away!

  2. But you would survive without it. No-one is dependent on people cycling at all. But this is in response to the cycle lobby, funded by drivers, demanding more driver jail. So the response is bound to be: 'We must have drivers but we don't need cyclists' Look if you can stop your lobbyists banging on against drivers then the question 'Why do we need cyclists?' will go away. Of course you don't like a response to cyclist lobby aggression but that's tough.

    I don't want cyclists to go away, I just want them to stop demanding and getting given, far more than their lack of importance warrants. I am a cyclist and I suspect like many generations of cyclists like me, I make no demands of drivers and society at all. It's your lobby group drawing my attention to cycling.