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Friday, 27 March 2015

Revenge & prosecution isn't the answer.

Another family who cannot accept that a jury listened to all the evidence and could not conclude that the texting happened at the time of the accident or caused it. Story here

Why not just cancel courts altogether and have trial by bereaved instead?  The very definition of road cycling, would have it banned if it were anything else. 

There are now already 28 dead UK cyclists totally unnecessarily because society really doesn't depend on exposed people mixing and mingling with large moving machinery that's frequently bumping into things. When it bumps into a cyclist it invariably results in death or serious injury.  It's about time we all faced reality no matter how tragic.

This driver has gone through Hell already and I can never fathom how revenge and prosecution can bring the victim back anyway.

With the fake definition of 'accident' See it here. drivers are treated like criminals. When will officials accept that punishment cannot deter accidents and only intended crime?

Today it's just started for another driver and the death of a fifteen year old cyclist. It's about time politicians accepted that road cycling is a hazard to those who do it as well as an unfair liability on drivers too. Currently this driver is in custody for having an accident. We have had to write to the newspaper for clarification.

Your report of the tragic death of a 15 year old cyclist included that the driver was arrested. Yes of course we know the power under which he was arrested but not the justification of doing so at that time. We have long been concerned about the routine arrest of drivers who are in shock and trauma after a horrid event. See here Note: It turns out the police had arrested and kept in custody someone who wasn't involved at all.

The real reason of course is to catch an unguarded incriminating comment such as 'I just didn't see him'  etc. Yet burglars, robbers and murderers are never arrested, unless caught in the act, until investigations are complete and being deliberate acts, unlike an accident, they have worked out their alibi in advance too.

We advise all drivers, under these shocking circumstance, to do no more than provide ID so that they must be released.

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