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Friday, 6 March 2015

Claire Perry is too anti driver to remain.

Claire Perry, MP for Devizes has already come to our attention in her support for anti driver cars & that they can be trusted to take our unaccompanied kiddies to school and collect them again safely having intelligently identified the local child snatcher and zapped him or her. See here. I mentioned the 'her' child snatchers since Claire is a feminist so wouldn't want women to be left out of that activity.

How do I know she's feminist? Well she has gone completely ga ga over a PC who has done nothing more than issue a fixed penalty ticket to a 'White Van Man who cut up a women cyclist.' Even to the point of blowing him a kiss no less.
As I write, the rest of the Cyclist Lobby have heaped so much praise on the PC Sims, not just from a minister but high ranking police officers too, that his action has been re tweeted over a thousand times and Favorited almost as much. My word. The possibility of a George Cross for so much courage in writing out a fixed penalty! Has the world gone mad? Here you can see a small sample of the tweets.   Well a tiny minority of the electorate can look quite massive when lobbying or on Twitter but nothing compared to the majority of the 33 million driver voters out there Claire. If only we could wake up this supine and silent majority! I live in hope that my next blog or even this one, may be the breakthrough.

What has caused all this excitement and joy among our cycling friends is that a driver, who was merely perceived to have cut up a cyclist, who has never complained so far, has been issued a fixed penalty for presumably driving without due care. 

We had vigorously opposed the use of fixed penalty for such a top driving offence on the basis that it warrants the full process of a court hearing and prior to this new option for lazy coppers, fixed penalty had only ever been reserved for absolute offences and not those of subjectivity as in this case. See more on this here. Would the PC have bothered unless he could just issue a ticket? My comment to him was that I would have made him prove his case at court and so should this driver have done too. 

But if drivers want to know about the anti driver war being run by the cycling lobby perhaps this tweet should convince them. 

As for Claire Perry, she really can't be so anti 33 million drivers and stay in office can she? Devizes drivers take note. 

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