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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Cycling speed kills cyclists.


As ex police accident and driving experts we are concerned by the dangers of road cycling and that after tragic cycling deaths, drivers are then faced with long terms of imprisonment for an error. 

In your story about the woman on trial after bumping into a cyclist who died, the speed of the cyclist, estimated at 25 MPH, would've have been the major factor in the tragic outcome. See story here

The reality is that cycling can be defined as an unprotected human, on two flimsy wheels and a slender frame, mixing, mingling, impeding and often competing with, large essential fast moving machinery, operated by complete strangers of varying ability and mental capacity. 

The speed of an unprotected cyclist, high from the ground, will be a major factor in the outcome of all their accidents.  Of course the driver shouldn't have made a mistake. But that is what humans do all the time. What may have played a part in her not seeing the cyclist is a well known effect known to fast jet pilots and can be read here.  Here

Basically cyclists must realise that they are very exposed and that their speed will kill them should someone else do something wrong. See one dead & two serious from cycling speed.

This trial of blame for a dangerous scenario that society encourages, may well miss the true cause of this fatality. Had the cyclist been riding slower he would more than likely still be alive today.

Keith Peat

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