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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Fatal 4 except there's only three

Wouldn't you think that the originators of the famous Fatal Four would know that one of them simply causes nothing at all.

It may well be why the canny coppers have left driving, road safety and accidents causes, all their remit, to er... The Fire & Rescue boys. See the originators The coppers know full well that 'speeding' causes nothing and that the law is framed to acknowledge it too.

Well I have emailed the F4 Group as follows: Hi, 

We are independent ex police road safety experts. I see Dave Webb is a a fire & rescue person and no doubt has attended many accidents in that capacity but I am surprised that he is being used to make driving and crash cause statements which falls within the remit of specialist police officers. .

Can anyone, preferably Dave, explain the mechanics as to how, by simply exceeding an arbitrary and unscientific number of a pole, 'speeding' can cause anything to happen? 

Dave Webb
The police know that it's driving too fast at any speed, even below the limits, that causes a lot of accidents and that is an element of dangerous driving. Since dangerous driving happens at any speed, then it follows that 'speeding' isn't part of it. We explain it Here.  In a nutshell, if a person crashes and kills someone by going too fast, there is no such charge or offence of causing a death by speeding is there?

I have raised this with the police many times and can be forgiven for assuming that 'speeding' remains in the F4 for one reason only. To promote the massive profitable Speeding Industry in the public eye. But whatever the reason, it's really not about road safety or saving lives simply because it isn't an accident cause at all.

Dangerous driving and careless driving are certainly fatal accident causes yet they are not in the F4. Isn't that suspicious? Why not remove 'speeding' and replace it with those if the cause is a genuine one and not to support profiteering? 

This is a serious enquiry and a genuine wish to promote genuine road safety. 


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