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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Yes the Speeding Industry Thrives

The system now depends on speeding and not stopping it.

Convictions for speeding up by half in 5 years says this story. See it here. On average 55000 for each force in 2014

500,000 just on motorways. 

Those attending the coercive speed courses of dubious legality and truth has risen by a massive 91% in 4 years. 

Oh and the police saythe fees are sufficient only to cover costs.'  Now let's get this straight. £80 for four hour lecture session with about 30 others = about £600 per hour just to cover costs? In some cases the attendees are over double that number. In Wales two firms are getting through 6000 a month. 

We know motorways are the safest roads in the UK and that there are not 500,000 crashes going on so, not only does it show that speeding causes nothing, but that perhaps the limit is too low. 

This same principle should apply to other roads too. This rise is also a result of no longer setting speed limits to the 85%tile formula so clearly indicating a flaw in speed limit setting as well. 

DU has already done a lot of work on the subject of speed courses. See Hereand Here  and can find no legal authority whereby due process can be replaced by taking money, often for courses run by firms and where profit is retained by the police when they run them. This money is to perpetuate the system. We have however found the unjustified excuse cooked up between ACPO Ltd and the CPS for them though.

To assume that drivers would prefer the courses is based on whether their ticket was justified in the first place. Oh yes what a welcome offer to drivers but what if they had been conned in the first place? What if their error was enticed by the authorities and the ticket wasn't justified anyway?

Our studies show that, because the system and business of courses has been set up, including paid staff, it is counter to stopping the offending and an incentive to allow offending to persist. The system now depends on speeding and not stopping it. Our research proves unequivocally that is exactly what is happening. 

We also know that the courses do not cover the offence that got drivers there but on the contrary produce stats and examples that had nothing to do with what was on the citation at all. When it comes to speeding, the courses do not tell the truth at all, so the courses are often dishonest. See our open letter to Richard Madely Here

In Wales alone two firms are getting through about 6000 so called offenders a month at £80 each. 

Isn't the Daily Mail concerned about this massive scam that actually avoids true accident causes for profit?

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