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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Drivers. Who not to vote for.

The Driver's Union have a web page of politicians that drivers should certainly not vote for. It may sound extreme until you appreciate that your whole life and that of your family, is dependent on driving and drivers. See the Driver's Union page here and Here DU shows how to approach candidates too.

The Cyclist Lobby are already listing the people to vote for see it here and cycling was deemed so important that no less than the Daily Telegraph repeated the item too. Can you believe it? The Telegraph really thinks that cycling is that important. One really must need a brain the size of a peanut to put cycling above the NHS, Europe, the economy, police, fire and ambulance, fuel and so many other genuine issues no matter how much voluntary cycling one does. It's like voting for cricket or ten pin bowling. 

So how about some tips for drivers?

No Green politician is going to be good for drivers. They are basically anti people people with a very 6th Form rationale. It's a party for people who have never ceased to be students. They have not fathomed out that really, society simply cannot run on windmills, pushbikes and walking. Basically we would need to have a mass cull of humanity for green policy to be viable or, conversely, green policy would cause a mass cull. Anyone who has progressed above adolescence will know that voting Green would be like the proverbial Xmas turkey. Oh yes loads of cyclists will vote Green of course mostly because so many of them are still adolescent in outlook.

The Lib Dems are hardly better than the Greens. In fact the Greens could easily be an extreme wing of the Lib Dems  Pledging to spend even more money on walking and cycling and in an aim to get more people doing both too. Haven't these silly people realised that if walking and cycling were viable options for our lifestyles and circumstances we would all be doing it already because it is so cheap with less liability, risks and hassle? Any party that doesn't credit the population with providing an essential service and function without which, incidentally, the Lib Dems like every other institution, would simply fail to operate, really doesn't deserve to be elected at all. 

The problem is with any party that promotes road cycling is that, by definition, it cannot fail to be against the interests of drivers. How can any unnecessary road hazard, that impedes reasonable efficient progress and with the attendant risk of long prison terms for hitting one be a good idea for drivers? And no the answer isn't segregated cycle-ways either because this either means reducing road space for drivers or spending millions of driver taxes on something that isn't driving.  

The Conservatives have not been fair to drivers at all over the last five year term. David Cameron has been too quick to support driver jail based on inexpert raw emotion. See him in action here. As well as him we have Cycle Clips Boris and other pro cycling Tory big wigs. The fact is that, under the Conservative/ Lib Dem coalition, several anti driver measures have been introduced. How much of this was to placate The Lib Dems and how much was originated by the Westminster Metropolitan Elite within the Civil Service I do not know but the track record of Cameron et al isn't a good one for drivers.

Labour were certainly not as bad for drivers as the Coalition have been but even so it was Labour that took out science and logic from speed limiting allowing the setting of speed limits, and many thousands of unnecessary prosecutions to become totally arbitrary and based on parochial Nimbyism. Not much to choose between Labour and Conservatives I am afraid. My advice is to approach your Candidates and if they are pro driver then vote for them on that basis no matter whether Conservative or Labour. I am quite happy with my Conservative candidate who is defending a pretty safe seat so there is no real issue for drivers in our constituency.

UKIP are an unknown factor, but their clear strategy is to challenge and upset the Establishment. Never was this more necessary than in the field of genuine profitless and not ideologically based road safety. We have already made the link with Westminster officials and ideological road safety. See it here and Here and it would take a whole new party to break this up. UKIP's manifesto is already pledging to address the profiteering in road safety and that would be good for drivers.

Last night Nigel Farage had to share a platform with four left of centre politicians, and the audience was selected to fairly reflect all of them. This means that 4/5ths of the audience was left wing and green; 80% of them. He was absolutely right to point out that the studio did not represent the majority of people. He hit the nail on the head. He was there to please the majority on the other side of the cameras. Drivers must base their votes on last night's platform. Left wing/Green will not be pro-driver.  

So if there are no other overriding concerns for voters, why not put genuine road safety and thus driving first? It's not as if it is just a minor issue for you is it.  

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