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Friday, 17 April 2015

IAM get dangerous driving wrong.

In an ITV story about high speed drivers doing 120 to 136 MPH in Wales The IAM refer to it as 'speeding'  See it here

'Those guilty of this level of excessive speeding are clearly not deterred by a short ban or fine. Their minds need to be concentrated to appreciate that they are putting other road users at significant danger by acting in this way. It is crucial that drivers and riders receive continuous development.

I have a lot of time for IAM and especially their students who clearly take their driving seriously enough to take their courses. But I have challenged IAM about this confusion between 'speeding' that can cause nothing and dangerous driving that does on earlier occasions. See it here I have no idea if Sarah Sillars has any ex police background to support her comment but in it she exposes a vested interest by promoting 'continuous development' and that of course is where she and IAM make their income isn't it?

I have gone to a lot of trouble, including examples and even a little quiz to explain speed and the offences of speed Here

In short if speeding is at 71MPH, it cannot still just be speeding at 136MPH some 65MPH over the limit. It is dangerous driving. If there were any doubt then accept from me that if one crashed and killed at that speed the charge would not be death by speeding. And there you have it.

It should worry us all that IAM should get this driving reality so wrong and in doing so, promote the Speeding Industry who also run courses that don't tell the truth about speed, speeding, cameras and accidents. To expose their true aspiration at the same time is quite incredible. That kind of suggestion should only be made by truly independent driving and accident experts with no vested interests.

IAM are doing all drivers no favours by perpetuating and promoting the Speeding Industry like this. Being an IAM does not stop you from getting a totally unnecessary speeding ticket and a corrupt course to go with it.

So we again ask IAM to abandon its support of the Speeding Industry Profiteering and support Drivers Union with it's aims for genuine not for profit road safety instead. 

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