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Friday, 17 April 2015

The rabid anti drivers running our roads.

In this succession of tweets we will see examples of the unsolicited tribal attack on drivers by cyclists.

It is exact evidence of who is aggressive to who but also demonstrates the rationale behind most speeding prosecution and speeding profit. That is explained here. But basically the authorities must pretend all 'speeding' is deliberate or careless to justify their policy of mass prosecution and the generation of large numbers of offenders at a site, rather than confess that when there are large numbers without attendant accidents, there is a fault. Clearly, as in this example of 6000 a year in a 30 zone, they're failing to achieve their objective of 30 MPH. Worse they are quite happy to allow it to continue instead of addressing the problem.

Below are the tweet exchanges with cyclists, that prove that there are people out there, many local politicians are keen cyclists by the way, who are behind the favoured prosecution of many thousands of perfectly safe drivers every year, and the profiteering from it. 

They have no real interest in making speed limits work at all but are just bent on seeing drivers prosecuted and the Awareness firms lining their pockets from it. 

In a tweet I suggested better signage or even raise the limit at that section on the 85%tile basis if accidents are not ensuing.

Now here enters another avid cyclist.

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