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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Chippy foul mouthed head cam cyclist bullies are cry babies in reality

An Edinburgh taxi driver has punched a chippy head cam cyclist.

Let me say from the start, punching someone is illegal even though many deserve it and it can be very cathartic. Let's face it; society can be very pious about assault. Common people shouldn't do it but when leaders of nations disagree, they can sling Atom bombs at each other and that's OK. I would rather stick two heads of government in a boxing ring, rather than involving whole societies in the blood and gore of war, to sort international issues out with one decent punch. 

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If the driver has since been prosecuted for assault and careless driving, it is difficult to see how, a successful pass, at a very slow overtake speed, based on a wide angle lens view of an unofficial camera, is anything but subjective. No driver should ever plead guilty on that evidence.

I have written to the author:


Have you been watching the same video that I have?

The confrontation commenced with the cyclist's subjective annoyance at being passed safely and then his foul mouthed and persistent tirade that needed to be bleeped out.  He even pulled into the middle of the lane to further obstruct the cabbie and then actually chases him, through a red light where another cyclist had already stopped, to continue his abuse.

Of course any driver will be angered by confrontation and abuse. Since when was it a good idea for any road user to rebuke other road users? These head cams are emboldening cyclists and inflaming confrontation. 

But here is a classic example of these head cam bullies. A middle aged man has been provoked enough to punch one and their response? 'Police police some nasty man has assaulted me'. Like all bullies, big, fit, loads of noise but really are cry babies. 

That's what this video shows me. 

Journalists should never miss the truth no matter how unappealing.


Keith Peat

And we predicted all this confrontation by head cam:

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