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Saturday, 23 April 2016

So when cyclists ride dangerously & kill it is an 'accident'

Image result for accident investigationI have continuously pointed out how officials have managed to remove the word 'accident' from their vocabulary when it comes to drivers. They are now always called 'collisions' so that loads of police time and money can be spent looking for someone to blame and prosecute. See does road accident investigation actually achieve anything and Road accidents do happen.  

A rider, Alessandro Williams, described the closing stages of the 42-mile race to the court, saying: (68km) event as "manic and dangerous".
He told the court: "I felt it was manic and dangerous because of not only the speed we were approaching the finish but also the twisting nature of it (the course). Everything was flying past because of the speed we were doing."
Now if a driver had struck and killed a cyclist while driving too fast and too close, he would've been prematurely arrested whilst in shock and trauma and eventually tried and gaoled.  

It's ironic that the Cycle Lobby hate the word 'accident' for drivers too.  

So now we know. There is such a thing as road accidents. So let's dump RTC and bring back RTA. It'll release a lot more coppers to do what we want them to do most, and save us a fortune in taxes too. 

1 comment:

  1. Imagine a cycle race pile up that involved your average bunch of middle aged blokes in lycra.
    It would take the fire brigade ages to get the bikes out the wreckage.