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Monday, 4 April 2016

Driver arrested in February, still not charged & re-bailed for further evidence.

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In this Coventry Telegraph story A driver who was arrested after a horrid accident, primarily caused because an exposed human was in the road, on the 20th February, still hasn't been charged and on the contrary, re-bailed so that further evidence may be sought.

So, other than that the police have the power, why was he arrested in the first place? 

I have written to the Coventry Telegraph as follows: 


We are very concerned about the regular and routine arrest of stressed and traumatised drivers after a horrid accident without evidence. In this case the driver was arrested on the 20 February, has still not been charged but re-bailed for further investigations.

The routine and speculative arrest of drivers, who are in no fit state to comment, is clearly wrong and should be a major story. Unfortunately the only people to monitor this is local media who should ask, as part of the report, if these arrests are necessary and warranted on every such occasion.

In the meantime it is our advice to drivers under these circumstances to make no comment whatsoever at that time and especially without a solicitor present.

Perhaps you may take some interest in these arrests.


Let's all badger local reporters to question the reason for these arrests to ensure that speculative arresting of non criminals is no longer an option for police.

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