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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Oh so cyclists don't really want to 'share' roads with others then?

In this Evening Standard Story London cyclists are whinging about loads of joggers on their Super Highway.

The irony of many of their gripes, is that they are imposing exactly the same things on drivers whilst demanding to 'share' roads only when it suits them it seems.

Any of this sound familiar?

For 'Cyclists/bike riders' read drivers & for 'Joggers/runners' read cyclists

  • "Cyclists/ drivers have complained about having to dodge large numbers of joggers/ cyclists."
  • "Bike riders/ drivers are being forced to swerve [to avoid] runners/ cyclists
  • "fear the joggers/ cyclists are creating a dangerous hazard and risking the safety of the route."
  • “Most had personal stereos so calling out your approach from behind/using a bell/horn wasn’t heard."
  • "God knows what its going to be like in the summer when all the fair weather runners/ cyclists emerge."
  • "some joggers/ cyclists were running "three abreast" 

They are a very selfish breed who really aren't at all crucial for the rest of us. The irony of all this will be completely lost on them.

At least someone is making use of this costly white elephant while it lasts and until sanity has it removed.

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