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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Transport Research Laboratory refuse to answer legitimate questions.

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Yesterday we looked at the Transport Research Laboratory on driver-less vehicles. See it here

Claiming to be impartial and independent, we have shown their links with anti driver academics and groups. For people promoting driver-less vehicles, it should be crucial that they are not being associated with anti driver groups with no CV in road safety or driving.

They have revealed that, as we suspected, driver-less vehicles are not programmed to the standards of UK's most efficient, skillful and progressive drivers.

They have been unable to answer simple questions such as: 'How will the vehicles cope with the unfathomable Highway Code rule (163)?' for example. See More about 163 here

We have invited them several times to discuss all these issues with us here. It seems they are not equipped to deal with any other than anti driver groups with no CV and certainly not with genuine independent road safety experts on this. It matters not who is asking these very crucial questions, they should be able to address them honestly and with a view to reviewing driver-less policy.

So far they are refusing. See the following tweets:


So who are TRL? Well they're yet another Ltd Company doing very well out of road safety. They appear to be funded by several outfits and possibly research grants too. They own  TRLAppia More on them here and an outfit called TTR Travel & Transport Research Ltd See about them here Which seems to be about supplying their wares all over the EU and to our Councils. But look at this: Promoting-Cycling-and-Improving-Road-Safety-for-Cyclists:-Challenges-and-Next-Steps_58.htm & Purchasing innovative cycling measures Oh right. So now we have it. No wonder TRL won't answer why we are programming driver-less cars to please a minority lobby and dangerous unneeded road activity. 

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